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This week, Brett and Breaking Banks were onstage with Antony Jenkins, CEO of 10x Future Technologies at the LendIt conference in NY!

While we were at the conference, we decided to talk to some others that were making new waves in the lending space. We talked to Brock Blake, CEO of Lendio about their new “franchising” model to expand their reach in the US. We caught up with Christoph Reiche, CEO of iwoca about the affects of Brexit on the lending space for small business through the EU, and what kinds of data are proving useful to create new lending models. We chatted about the ideas of debt rehabilitation with Ohad Samet, from TrueAccord, and how machine learning and AI can help people fix their credit situations. Of course we talked with Peter Renton, who created the conference, and we wrap up by catching up with John Owens and Emmanuel Daniel!
It was a full day at a great event! We want to thank the LendIt conference, Metro Multimedia, and all our guests!

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