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Exclusive interview with John Armstrong, giving an insight into the evolution and launch of his latest venture to help businesses grow their reputation and income through online activities. If it’s progress is anything like that of it’s sister company Irish Tech News then we could be looking at another great Irish success story.

What is

Over the last couple of years we have grown Irish Tech News to be one of the leading online publications in the country. To grow our business to this stage has of course taken great content, but it has also taken an exceptional amount of work creating a beautiful website that our readers love to use, growing our social media following and then most importantly providing those followers with the relevant information and experience they craved.

Every day we interact with companies who are also looking to grow their businesses. They’re starting off full of ideas and bursting with energy but they they don’t have much of a social media following, they don’t know how to grow it and are gaining very little exposure from their existing strategies.

We are now in a position where we can offer the knowledge, skills and expertise we have across our team to help these companies. To showcase all of the great services that are now available, we’ve created The companies we work with told us they wanted to access all of these services from one location. They didn’t want to be dealing with one company for social media, another for web design, another for content and another for media relations. We’ve made all of these services available from one place and the cost savings from this are passed on to our clients. Quite simply, this amount of expert services has never been available in Ireland all from one place.


How can help people with their businesses?

There are so many areas we can help with. We can show you how to grow your social media following ethically, interact with your audience, generate leads or create buzz about an upcoming launch. We can help you write an amazing press release and then we can also help you publicise it. Of course, we also have access to the leading tech site in the country to help you spread the word!

That’s just the beginning of what we can do. Maybe your website isn’t performing for you – we can audit it, advise and make whatever changes are necessary.

Then when you’re website is as fantastic as it should be, it needs content. Content is digital gold. It helps you tell your story, sell your products and reach your customers at a much deeper level. When people search about your products, lifeless descriptions won’t convert them to customers. Great content can help you reach out and make connections with potential customers. They will buy in to what you do and want to become part of your community.
We know that not everyone enjoys creating content though. Maybe their skills are better used elsewhere or they just don’t have the time. We have award winning content creators across our team. At it’s core, it’s what we do and we love it. We can help companies create that content and we can then help them promote it to the expansive networks we’ve established.

There are many parts to a successful digital strategy. We can help you build that strategy and we can also help you deliver every part.


What are your areas of expertise?

There are 8 key areas we excel at which we feel will be of most benefit to the companies we work with.

The 8 areas are as follows:

+ Social Media – growing you following, engaging your audience and generating leads.
+ Content – award winning content, promoting your company, that people will love to read.
+ Web Design – Your first point of contact for many potential customers. We can help you make it special.
+ Strategy – Bringing all the elements together, gaining the exposure your efforts deserve and seeing the returns.
+ Media training – Everyone in your team needs to know how to sell your products and what you do.
+ Showcasing Businesses – Potential customers need to hear your story and find out why they need your products.
+ Recruitment – Historically an expensive endeavour, we can help you attract the best talent cost effectively.
+ Account management – Not everyone has the time or necessary skills. We can mange it all for you.

What are your successes to date?

Obviously Irish Tech News is the clear example of how a small dedicated team can utilise the limited resources available to it to become the best, but along that journey we’ve helped countless Start Ups, SMEs and Multinationals grow their user base, gain exposure, train their staff and get their story heard. This has been hugely satisfying for all our team and we look forward to working with these companies closely in the coming year.
What excites us most though about 2016 is being able to offer all of these fantastic services through and we can’t wait to build new relationships with all of the companies operating in the hotbed of innovation Ireland has become.

Check out now and see how we can help you build your brand online!

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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