You could be forgiven for thinking that artificial intelligence, more commonly known as AI, is in the news every single day. It certainly feels that way, with stories about new breakthroughs, plus the advantages and the dangers of AI making a regular appearance.

But what’s actually going on? New infographic Rise of the Machines seeks to separate fact from fiction.

What is AI?
AI is any software that learns, adapts and thinks in a similar way to the human brain. Narrow AI programmes can perform specific tasks within a pre-set range, while general AI programmes are able to use their past experience to perform new tasks

What can AI do that humanity can’t?

AI is quicker and more accurate. Human error is not an issue because it can’t get bored or frustrated.
AI is not susceptible to bribery or blackmail, making it more secure. Banks are already using it to tackle crimes such as fraud.

What can humans do that AI can’t?
Creativity is more difficult to replicate than logic. As well as being able to learn, adapt and think (among other things), humans also possess empathy, compassion and an ability to think outside the box.

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