At a time when both cryptocurrencies and ICOs show signs of a rally, frontier technology association BBFTA (British Blockchain and Frontier Technology Association) have announced a new ‘BiPs Acceleration Scheme’, kicking off with an airdrop to the industry itself. They have announced that members MoneyBrain have allocated a pot of £100,000 worth of BiPS

“We’ve come a long way in a short time” commented founding chair Barry E James who says the association gathered around 500 members in its first 60 days, and “over the next year we plan to empower members in a number of powerful new ways – including accelerating the building of blockchain apps, forming new consortia and ventures, and connecting members with the people, skills and insights they need to make it happen for them”.

As part of the ‘BiPs Acceleration Scheme’ the association aim to help new projects and ventures get started as well as “honouring those who’ve helped build the ecosystem”.

BiPS are exchange tokens backed by real world assets designed to avoid the fluctuations in value common with first generation currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and many others. Designed by the team behind and, a business regulated by the FCA.

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