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Jorge Gonzalez del Arco is a teacher, a blogger and a social media consultant. He loves to help people, businesses and organizations to navigate through the social web. You can find Jorge in Spain and also on his blog

What’s your background?

I am 39 years old and I live in Alicante, Spain. I was born in Alicante and lived with my parents until I was 18 years old, when I moved to Valencia in order to study Telecommunications Engineering in the Valencia Polytechnic University.

I did my university final project in Costa Rica, where I lived for one year. I came back in 2001 to Spain to work in Madrid in a technological consultant company. I wanted to travel abroad, so I quit that job and worked for one year in Sydney (Australia), in the Spanish Trade Commission.

Then, in 2004 & 2005 I worked in the Spanish Trade Commission in Brasilia, Brazil. I came back to Spain, and began to work as an IT teacher in a High School in Alicante, where I am still teaching. I began to be professionally interested in the social media scene in 2010.

I started my blog in 2013, and there I write about online marketing, mainly blogging (WordPress) and social media. Since then I have been involved in some projects related with the social web.

You’re a blogger. How long? Why?

I have been using the Internet since 1994, and I have started some websites, but my first “professional” blog is “Desde Alicante” and it was launched in 2013, so I have been blogging for 2 years now.

I started my blog for two main reasons:

1.- I have learned a lot of things relating the social web after reading other people’s blogs, so I wanted to “give back” to the Internet people some of that knowledge, and I try to teach other people using my blog.

2.- Having a blog is the best way to keep yourself “up to date” in the field of expertise that you are focused.

How was 2014?

2014 was the year my blog grew and I began to be known in the Spanish social media scene.

I organised an event named #SocialMediaBalmis, with talks by some of the most important bloggers in Spain. I also spoke during that event. After that, I was invited to other online marketing events in Spain, and has continued in 2015. Also, I met in person some of the Spanish top bloggers, and I have made interesting connections with some of them.

Anything you’d do differently?

1.- I would work on my email subscribers list in a “professional way” since day one. That includes buying premium WordPress themes and plugins in order to have a blog that converts and attracts leads from the very beginning.

How big is blogging in Spain?

Comparing to the USA is a not very mature market yet.

We had some pioneers, but from 2010  personal blogging has boomed, and now there are a lot of great blogs, mostly in the online marketing scene.

Corporate blogging is still at the beginning, and businesses have not done their homework yet: there are a lot of opportunities in the blogging corporate market.

What other countries do you find engaging with your blog? South America, Europe and or the US?

My visitors come from the following countries:

1.- Spain 66 %.

2.- USA 7 %.

3.- Latin America 20 % (mostly: Mexico 4 %, Argentina 3 %, Colombia 2 %, Peru 2 %).

4.- United Arab Emirates 1 %.

5.- United Kingdom 1 %.

6.- Other countries (up to 140 countries) 5 %.

What aspects / topics on your blog are the most popular?

Topics relating the social web that explain some platforms or tools, such as:

  • WordPress plugins
  • Klout
  • Google Glass

Posts explaining social media events are very popular too.

As a curiosity, my only “travel” post, “Burj Al Arab (Dubai): how to enter the world’s most luxurious hotel”, is one of the most visited post on my blog, both English and Spanish versions.

Can you tell how many people read your site in Spanish vs English? Do you write for anyone / audience in particular?

Spanish 82 %, English 18 %.

I write for people who are willing to learn how to develop an online strategy in order to achieve their goals on the Internet.

Inbound marketing – how would you explain it’s value to a newbie?

Inbound Marketing is a way to do marketing very different than classic Outbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing tries to promote actions that naturally attract potential customers to our website, creating our own conversion channel using several strategies such as:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to lead us more and more organic traffic to our website.
  • Social networks with dynamic profiles and a constant increase of followers.
  • Expanding our database, mainly through e-mail marketing techniques to attract qualified leads.
  • Branding.

WordPress – pros, and cons in your opinion?


  • Big and great community behind this CMS.
  • Anyone can create a blog or a website within minutes.
  • Plugins that can do almost anything.


  • Security issues.
  • If you don’t customize your theme, some other websites can look like yours.

Have you been to Ireland? What’s your impression of the Irish tech scene from where you are?

I have visited England several times, but I have not been to Ireland yet.

In Spain we know that a lot of the biggest tech companies (like Amazon or Google) have their European headquarters in Ireland, or at least Ireland is where they are located because of the tax benefits.

Besides, we know that there are a lot of tech companies in Ireland, from the USA, from Europe and from Ireland: a lot of Spanish IT professionals are living in Ireland working for those companies.

So we look to the Irish tech scene with admiration and some envy.



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