IKEA has launched a new range of furniture with built in wireless charging spots, hoping to make charging your smartphone at home more convenient.

The range, part of a long-term commitment called Home Smart, makes mobile phone charging more accessible and discreet by integrating QI wireless charging pads into the furniture.

The newly released range features a selection of products including floor, table and work lamps, two bedside tables, and a selection of charging pads to add to an office space. As well as pre-made products, the JYSSEN wireless charger can be fitted wherever needed, and will also fit snugly into the cable outlet of IKEA desks.

The range also includes the NORDMÄRKE wireless charging pad with three ports which are suitable for offices or for families where multiple devices can be charged at the same time.

For phones that don’t support the wireless charging standard (QI), IKEA will also sell has also added a selection of wireless charging covers for iPhone 4, 5/5S, 6 and Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5. Every product also comes with a USB outlet for charging additional devices.

The wireless charging range will be available in IKEA Dublin from mid-April 2015.

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