By @SimonCocking. Great interview with Mark Schaefer. Chieftain of the blog {grow} & social media bouncer. Consultant, educator, author of five best-selling books including Social Media Explained, who will be coming to Dublin on May 31st to give a Content Marketing Marketing Class with Ian Cleary.

Where can you read more about your background?

You can see my bio here.

What is a social media bouncer?

A few years ago, somebody called me a social media bouncer because I’m the kind of person that does not let bullsh*t through the door! I stuck it on my Twitter profile and it creates some conversation so I kept it there!

Content Mastery Summit - Twitter

What inspired you to speak at this event?

Ian and I have wanted to collaborate on an event for years now. It is really such a success story. We started out as social media friends and then we met, our wives met, and we have become great friends. Honestly, the main reason I am doing this is to work with my friend and build something meaningful together.

Why it will be helpful for people to attend. What will they get out of it?

There are three things that are exceptional about the Dublin event.

1) This event is unique because I know of no other place in the world you can sit down and get everything you need to learn about how to create and execute a social media/content strategy in one day. There is no fluff here. This is not a gathering of random speakers. We don’t have any agenda other than to TEACH. It is a highly-focused workshop and you will get new ideas and insights every minute of the day.

2) This summit is a huge value! I will be teaching the same lessons I teach in the U.S. that people pay many thousands of dollars to attend.

3) You will get content here found nowhere else on earth. Ian and I are both bringing original ideas to the table you will not have access to in any other way. In fact, I will be introducing some new ideas on social media measurement for the first time anywhere.

Why is social media so important for businesses?

Where do people spend most of their incremental time today? On the web. So, you need to be there too. Unfortunately many businesses still see digital marketing as a burden when in reality, it is such a historically important opportunity to connect with customers in a meaningful way. For many businesses, if you don’t have a digital presence, you’re invisible.

Your tips for people looking to do well on social media?

I think my number one tip would be to have a human presence in everything you do. What I mean by that is, we tend to treat people differently online versus offline. Yet we form relationships the same way. We need to always remember that there is a real person behind that little picture on the web. People buy from those they know and trust. So create a social media presence that will create that trust at every step.

Without naming names what avoidable mistakes have you seen companies make with their social media strategy?

By far the number one mistake is viewing social media as a place to advertise. Nobody has to spend time on the web. It’s a nice place to relax, learn, be entertained, and escape from people trying to advertise to us. So if you try to “sell” to people oin the web, you will lose followers fast!

Running your own business is also tough, how do you manage the work /life, online / offline balance?

For me, it’s just all life. I am truly blessed to have a job that I love. I am motivated and interested in my work every day. To me, writing a great blog post is a tremendous intellectual challenge that is fun. So it all kind of blurs together. Of course I am aware of the needs of my family and community too. So it I am traveling a lot, I know I need to spend additional time spreading love to other people other than those who read my books!

Who has inspired you?

The non-family member who impacted my life the most is American author and consultant Peter Drucker. He is the wisest person I have known and I got to study under him for three years while attending graduate school in California. Not a day goes by that I don’t remember one of his lessons

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