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Idodi Venture Capital is a Spanish and Irish independent firm that invests in technology startups in the early stages

Idodi Venture Capital has offices in the Digital Hub Dublin. The principal shareholder is Ceithre Seamair Duilleog LTD, an Irish company specialised in promote new digital startups and ecommerces. The pledge fund publishes its three first investments in startups of different sectors of the technological area: Let Me Space (opening an office in Dublin), Kompyte (New York) and ThePayPro (London).

The fund meets its goal of investing in an important way in companies with a marked international character whose road-map passes through the Anglo and North American market having this last market as the primary and objective.

The three first investments of IDODI VENTURE CAPITAL have been made for the companies Let Me Space, a reference marketplace giving solution to the problem of space that many people have in their homes and that in October opens an office in Dublin to start its international career that should lead them to United States. In second place the company of SaaS Kompyte that with an easy system and applying techniques of Big Data allows monitoring actions which makes the competence of any kind of company and soon it will be located in New York in order to attack the US market. The last investment has been for the startup of the sector fintech ThePayPro, company born in Barcelona and located and established in London.

According to the fund Chairman, Marc Vidal, “Without a doubt, this sum of experience and visions will turn our fund in a reference point in the next months. Months in which we will continue investing with great detail and analysis in startups that are in the exact point of having a viable product, that their roadmap passes by the Anglo and North American market and whose business model is integrated in the new upcoming technologies. Idodi Venture Capital has disbursed in these operations over 300.000 euros that will add up to the 600.000 foreseen in the coming months. The goal is to reach two million euros committed for next year.

During the period in which the startups are located in Ireland they shall provide the startup of legal support, management, training including immersion in the English language of technology and strategic development, in order to reach the desired goal This investment vehicle promoted by the investor and technological entrepreneur sited in
Dublin, Marc Vidal and the lawyer specialized in technological investment funds sited in Barcelona Carlos Guerrero has incorporated among his executive partner lines reputable professionals in their fields of operation. On one side Risto Mejide (with 2,4 million followers in Twitter is the most important digital figure in Spain) and Marc Ros, advertisers and investors specialized in brand management and corporate communication, the renowned economist, writer and manager of investment funds Daniel Lacalle who also has confirmed his entrance to this project and finally the private investor Carlos Blanco incorporating to Idodi Venture Capital bringing his successful experience in selection of technology-based startups named as the best Business Angel of Spain 2014.

The fund believes that these powerful additions, that are added to the ecosystem of relationships and contacts primarily located in Dublin known as the European Silicon Valley, achieved an excellent and integrated team of recognized professionals that bring all their knowledge, experience and bonds with the main goal of converting Idodi Venture Capital in a reference fund in the sector of technological investments between Spain and

Idodi Venture Capital
Marc Vidal / /
Daniel Lacalle

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