Among the other services, the platform for investment and underwriting ICO Max offers the support for startups which receive a convenient listing and online presentation of the project, the communication channels with investors and token holders, as well as a market evaluation of tokens at the first stages of ICO. The market evaluation  is based not on the assets securing the shares, but on the validity of company, experience, staff, reputation and due diligence of team. Also among the services of platform are the marketing tools that help the startup to attract the first $100,000 of investments, which is a real problem for many projects. But we have found a solution.

The main purpose of marketing tools is to give to startups the opportunity to advertise and present themselves offline and online through the network of our affiliated representatives at all world blockchain conferences with whom ICO Max has signed exclusive contracts.

There are two tools:

  • Flyerdrop is an unique service developed by us to distribute tokens through the printed flyers, which are distributed by our partners at the major thematic conferences. Any startup can produce a certain number of flyers that will be printed and distributed to the potential investors. The token can get  immediately with the help of mobile applications and start to trade by it.
  • Airdrop is the classic service for the spread of token online, through the social networks, chats, email, etc. The distribution is done by the participants of bounty, which are in fact  the sales advisers. For their work, they receive a commission in tokens of the startup they are promoting. The amount of reward depends on their activity and the volume of personally attracted funds. This significantly reduces the costs of startups for their own promotion and at the same time increases the recognition of project.


The first of these services, that is the Flyerdrop is already running and ready to use. It means that right now the startups can present their services, products and tokens at the largest blockchain conferences in the world using the ICO Max platform. The agreements with the organizers of events have been signed already. The flyers printed on paper sheets can include a logo, slogan, and personal QR codes. ICO Max is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of  these flyers to the participants of conferences, that are the investors and influencers. All flyers are available for scanning by the mobile application of ICO Max and give the right to issue of 5-10 free tokens at the moment of the launch of ICO. The cost of the services on platform is discussed with the founders personally.

Now our structure involves the 50,000 influencers who receive the mass notifications about ICO, work as the referral agents and increase our global community, attracting more and more investors. Together with the market evaluation of  tokens at the beginning of startup’s activity, the marketing tools allow to quickly collect the first investments, that are necessary to support and achieve the goals of the most of ICO. In addition, our services reduce the costs. The services that on other platforms are offered separately, independently of each other, on ICO Max are available in a whole complex.

If you would like to have your company featured in the Irish Tech News Business Showcase, get in contact with us at [email protected] or on Twitter: @SimonCocking

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