IceBreakerAR was a sponsor and speaker at the Blockchain Expo Europe 2018 last month in Amsterdam. This was the largest event that has been run to date with ten concurrent conference tracks running and over 12,000 people attending over the two days of the conference. Key note speakers included Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft and ING to name a few. ,

The reception and feedback that IceBreakerAR received was very positive. The ICO project connected with innovative solution providers not only from a blockchain solution perspective but from a virtual and augmented realty perspective that will form the foundation to further the vision of IceBreakerAR.

In addition to these solution providers there was a lot of interest from investment pool groups and other financiers who also see the opportunity presented by IceBreakerAR. This interest goes beyond the traditional funding aspects for the project and included offers to assist with opening doors for retail partners and service consumers.

IcebreakerAR gave an presentation that was well received and generated more interest in the project. The core message is that IceBreakerAR is on the right track to satisfy a need in the matchmaking/networking space and it is in a perfect position to be a leader in the upcoming AR revolution.

IceBreakerAR a Revolutionary Product for Making Personal Connections Powered by Blockchain

Today’s dating, meeting, career networking websites and apps follow a similar model using data from user profiles, questionnaires and matching algorithms to make connections. This has translated to approximately $2.5 Billion just for the online and mobile dating industry alone in the U.S. and Canada, according to IBISWorld.

These platforms have now reached a plateau in innovation and this sentiment is viewed across the industry as revenue forecasts are expected to grow more slowly over the next five years. Studies have now cast doubt on the effectiveness of matchmaking algorithms. The entire experience is also very passive?—?users must create a profile, scroll through innumerable matches and they can be spending weeks or months exchanging messages before scheduling a dinner or coffee, only to realize within minutes of meeting their date there is no real connection.

Additionally, these platforms suffer from the proliferation and sophistication of profile bots, out-of-date or fake photos, lack of follow through and inadequate data security. The industry has not undergone a meaningful evolution since entering the market in the early 2000’s.

IceBreakerAR is a revolutionary tool that will transform the way people make connections by removing the core barriers which prevent humans from reaching out and interacting with one another. It moves the online connection to the real world in an effective way, empowering users with the tools to initiate interactions in an innovative and fun manner.

IceBreakerAR connects people for dating, networking or groups; it connects users to retail partners to receive discount benefits and it connects users to events related to their interests. The application works by scanning the surroundings for matches and provides an augmented reality experience for matched connections in the form of avatars. Avatars can be customized and users earn rewards through incentives and get exclusive access to offers from retail partners. The application also features in-app purchases and unique augmented reality advertising. This interactive gamification experience makes IceBreakerAR an app that users will want to keep coming back to.

In addition, blockchain technology will be used to provide the highest standard of security through decentralization of secured data and data integrity through redundancy. This achieves lower overhead costs and enables accountability of data. All personal data is secured on a 256-bit AES encrypted storage. Permissioned blockchains are also being considered to further increase security.

The token offering for IceBreakerAR will go through a private pre-token sale starting from May 15, 2018 to July 31, 2018 for sophisticated / accredited investors with the public preliminary token sale from August 1, 2018 to August 14, 2018. The main token sale will be from August 15, 2018 to September 5, 2018.

Token holders will have the option to “stake” their tokens by voluntarily locking up their tokens for a period of time and receive additional in-app credits and take advantage of loyalty programs. Token holders will then benefit from rewards and increased token value?—?as consumers purchase in-app credits, ICE will reward 25% of that amount in ICE tokens to token holders who have tokens locked up. ICE will also purchase 25% of that amount in ICE tokens on the exchange and burn them thus creating scarcity. Token Holders will also have the ability to give back to the community by donating their rewards to the charity of their choice.

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