Huobi Group, the leading digital asset financial solutions provider, announced today it will begin accepting listing submissions from European and Australian blockchain companies on the Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Exchange (HADAX).

“Earlier this year, we introduced HADAX to the world and it’s been dubbed as the world’s first autonomous token listing exchange,” said Chern Chung, Senior Business Development Manager at Houbi Group. “After garnering such an overwhelming amount of support from the HADAX community and the hundreds of project teams who submitted for public voting, we naturally wanted to continue this competition and open it up for more people to participate.”

HADAX’s first “Europe & Australia Edition” launched on May 21 and featured the first cohort of projects from the two regions. On HADAX, project teams can self-submit an application online to list their project for community voting. Following the internal assessment process which determines each project’s commercial viability, compliance and risk control, project teams will have a pre-defined timeframe to garner enough votes from the community to get listed for trading.

On June 4th, the fourth round of the EU Australian edition commenced. The new voting period runs for five days and the projects with the most votes will be listed. To qualify for HADAX’s special edition, projects have to be incorporated/based in these two regions and have more than 70% of their team members from these regions.

To date, HADAX has received submissions from hundreds of projects. Thus far, 29 projects made it to the public voting process, with the top project harnessing more than 90 million votes. After three rounds of voting, 9 projects stood out and were successfully voted up for listing.

“HADAX aims to solve the biggest issues faced by both centralized and decentralized exchanges, which include lack of token variety, quality, and low liquidity,” explained Chung. “Since launching Huobi HADAX, we saw more than 50% of activity on the platform being attributed to Europe and Australia, which was what initially gave birth to this EU-AU Edition.”

Moreover, Europe and Australia are two of the top-rated regions cultivating high-quality projects and with their relatively crypto-friendly environment. “This edition allows HADAX users to get better exposure and opportunities to participate in projects from that regions.”

Supporters of the projects can vote with HT via the link

No charges are required for voting and millions of airdrop tokens are offered as incentives to supporters who participate. The processing time for the projects to be listed on the voting board is around 10 days, so interested projects are required to submit the application as soon as possible. The submission is to be made via standard HADAX application including the wording “Europe & Australia Edition” to indicate interest towards this edition.

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