Remarks by Mr. Ren Zhengfei – Founder and President of Huawei Technologies

Ireland was once a land moving at the pace of a sheep. That sheep is now moving faster and faster. Now Ireland is at the forefront of global software capabilities. The low tax rates have enabled the country to grow by over 20% despite the sluggish global economy, exceeding even the growth at Huawei. Ireland is relatively close to the eastern part of the United States, which makes it easy for the former to absorb the energy of the latter. So I expect that our Ireland Research Centre will be able to grow and attract more software architects to lead us forward in this field. By investing in Ireland, we aim to eliminate closed-mindedness at Huawei and to open up to new ideas as we seek to lead the era. Because of its low taxes, Ireland is home to the world’s core software capabilities. It is thus very easy to find software architects here.

The most critical elements of the intelligent information society are low-cost broadband and low-latency networks

There is a transformation underway, with traditional networks transitioning first to data networks and then to video networks with massive volume. Looking to the future, the world will turn toward big video. The key to big video networks is low-cost broadband. The most critical aspect of the intelligent society is low-latency networks. In the image and video era or the intelligent society, should our network architecture remain the same as it is today? Will IP-based routers, switches, and transmission devices still use today’s technology? And what will the data centres of the future look like? It is a major challenge for us to deliver high-bandwidth and low-latency networks for the intelligent society.
We feel confident in saying that Huawei is now a leader in hardware technology. I hope that our hardware can be softened to make our pipes more flexible. The major technological direction for us in video is high bandwidths, low-cost transmission, and real-time processing of ultra HD video and images.

We must welcome in professional software architects, and at the same time look for outstanding PhDs and exceptional talent.

Our sights must be on goals and dreams 20 or 30 years into the future, and we must have the courage to lead the world forward.
Huawei has achieved a breakthrough in the video business. We must seize upon that breakthrough, widen it, and develop it vertically. We must have the courage to invest strategic effort. However, our journey has brought us from small granularity, to big granularity, and then to platforms. Although we have achieved a breakthrough, as we look ahead to the big image and video society, we still have a lot of catching up to do. Our first wave needs to push bravely onward, not being afraid of sacrifice in efforts to open up market opportunities. The second wave needs to reshape the cloud architecture for the image and video era in preparation for expansion of market opportunities that are three to five years down the road. I really hope that we can cultivate some very capable software architects internally while also hiring some others. Together, they can help our business flourish.

Ireland is a major country for software. We will soon increase our investments in this country, with a focus on software. We will be hiring experienced scientists and experts in software architecture while also welcoming in a large number of young outstanding PhDs. These efforts are aimed at goals and dreams 20 to 30 years down the road, laying a path for our future. In the future intelligent society, a higher speed of interaction will be required. Our objective is to develop the most advanced video platform and technology in order to lead the world into the future.

We must be adept at open collaboration, reach out to industry, drink more coffee, offer more support for scientists’ research efforts, and absorb the energy of the universe.

The universe is the source of innovation. Where is the universe? It is Ireland, it is the East Coast of the United States. We need to be more open in research and exploration. We are mostly still providing infrastructure, and have no conflicts of interest with companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. We should view them as our customers. I hope that you will connect with outstanding people from all these companies.
We will increase our presence in areas around the globe with outstanding resources, and will provide support to related scientists. Our support to scientists is unconditional. We will not seek to own the patents or achievements of professors. We only hope that they will drink more coffee with us and tell us how their work can be used. If we use their work, we will pay for it. This will help us make greater contributions to the future intelligent society.
Flows of information in society will only get bigger. The bigger the flows of information, the more our pipes will be needed. So long as there are people buying pipes, we will survive and will have an opportunity to achieve future success. Based on these assumptions, we believe that the company’s potential is very great, and we should dare to push forward into the future.

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