HTC has certainly tried to turn things around from a marketing stand point of late, throwing bags of cash Robert Downey Jr’s way and starting the Here’s TChange campaign looking for interesting slogans using the company’s letters.

Leaks of their upcoming One Max handset have increased in the last week, with details of the fingerprint scanner’s functionality and an actual picture of the device in the wild (looking gargantuan!), getting the most air time.

Rather than deny the rumours, HTC are fanning the flames much in the same way as they did when they started advertising the HTC One on Champion’s League TV coverage, weeks before the phone was launched.

While that was pretty straight forward marketing, they’ve gone for something a little different this time.

Using the theme of “Great Trios in History” to set the scene, they suggest that another new Trio is about to be completed, no doubt when the One Max joins the One and the One Mini.

Take a look for yourselves below….


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