Pictures leaked yesterday of the what is believed to be HTC’s next Smartphone or “Phablet”. Whether these photos are real or just someone getting creative with Photoshop is up for debate so caution is needed.

Since around April we have been seeing rumours the HTC are working on a 5″ device packing a 1080p display.

1080p has often been suggested as the next step for Android phones but there are many reasons why this type of resolution has not been seen yet. For the OEM’s there is the production costs and difficulty in packing that many pixels into such a small place in a reliable fashion. For the end user, while having a screen that will be razor sharp will be excellent, there is the trade off in performance or battery life as the system has to use more resources rendering nearly twice as many pixels as before.

Other rumours include, the near obligatory now, Qualcomm S4 Pro chip. While this is all still speculation, I’m not going to spend much time on it until things get a bit more concrete.

HTC really need a device like this to reestablish themselves. The current One series phones, while a big improvement, have not set the world on fire for them or their past customers and phones such as the Galaxy SIII have outsold them.

A lot of people’s first Android phone was made by HTC and at that time they were at the front with excellently designed and great quality products. Many long for those days to return for HTC so lets hope that some of these specs become reality when we finally get to see it!



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