The global ICO landscape is increasingly noisy and confusing, where even the most experienced investors have trouble separating the good from the bad, let alone mitigate their risk as best they can.

A pattern that is emerging is commodity backed ICO’s whereby those investing in an ICO have peace of mind with options such as buy backs etc.

Step forward HPQ (High Purity Quartz) a new commodity backed ICO, with a very impressive team and proprietary technology.

Quartz is the basic material for optical, electronic, and the solar (PV) industries. All modern electronic gadgets utilise quartz. High Purity Quartz is the purest form of quartz. It comes as a white powder with a 99.995% purity of SiO2.

Benefits Of Investing In HPQ Project

An obvious attraction for investors backing HPQ’s ICO is that there is little competition globally for the quartz sector. Today, two players, who handle over 80 percent of global production, dominate the industry. The team has taken quite a while to perfect their proprietary technology, with several years being spent on its development.

HPQ now have proprietary technology to disrupt this industry and have created a truly unique production process which is environmentally friendly. Instead of the classic method of quartz purifying (taking out the impurities which produces lots of harmful waste), “take” only pure quartz out of raw material which can be quartz sand of any purity. Reagents are recycled and used in the production process again and again. The unique production process leaves no hazardous waste and doesn’t require pre-mined quartz – it can use sand of nearly any quality as the raw material. and there is no need for quartz mines and expensive materials

The end result is a higher quality/purity of the product, with a dramatically lower production cost.

The project also comes with some awesome returns and an exit option that is guaranteed. There is a buyback option at a predefined price or you can redeem your investment in HPQ products. The company guarantees both redemption and buyback. You do not have to worry about market volatility since the buyback price is set in US dollars.

Environmentally friendly

The other benefit of being part of this project is that it is environmentally friendly. Their method of purifying quartz does not entail removing impurities. Instead, it entails taking the pure quartz out of quartz sand. The reagents are then recycled and reused in the process. Their new production process does not leave behind any waste.

Quartz – a real industry

When investors invest in HPQ, they are investing in a real industry, with manufacturing facilities and product. They can visit the physical site and see the technology. Besides that, they will conduct regulator updates for investors on the progress. This new and existing technology will be used to produce pure HPQ. A qualified team that has the sole goal of ensuring this project succeeds leads the company.

World class team and advisors

Sergei Golovach, an Economics graduate, founded HPQ, the initial idea came up through a university research project. Sergei was working with a leading university in Moscow to help them find buyers for their technologies, and equipment for their technological processes. It was there that he first met Alexander and Vladimir, experienced and pioneering industrial and chemical engineers, who were working on a novel high purity quartz production technology.

After many years of testing in the laboratory, Sergei, Alexander and Vladimir finally produced a pilot production line in 2012-2013. Following this, the team spent time travelling around the world, conducting market research, obtaining feedback from buyers, and building up the demand. The team considered various locations to base the project, including Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Slovenia and Canada. Eventually, though they decided Vietnam would be the best fit for a variety of reasons, such as low utilities cost, cost of raw materials, labour cost etc. The team relocated to Vietnam and Singapore and have assembled an impressive team of advisors such as Sami Quraishy ex Abraaj Capital, Zachary Latif founder of private equity firm TLG Capital and Henry Joseph-Grant a globally recognised entrepreneur who was part of the team that built jUST EAT from startup to $2.44Bn IPO.

The pre sale is now active, with investors already securing their tokens with the full iCO starting in 18 days, the details of which are below.

Pre-sale (April 18 – June 18, 2018), minimum amount TBD:
USD2.00 + free 15%+ bonus tokens
Special customised offers for large amounts

ICO (June 19 – July 20, 2018), any amount allowed:
Day 1 (June 19, 2018) – USD2.00 (early bird price)
Day 2-7 (June 20 – June 25, 2018) – USD2.20
Day 8-15 (June 26 – July 03, 2018) – USD2.30
Day 16-25 (July 04 – July, 13, 2018) – USD2.40
Day 26+ (from July 14, 2018) – USD2.50

Time is from 00.00 till 00.00 accordingly (24h) Timezone: UTC

Bulk special bonus during ICO:

From 5,000 tokens +5% free tokens
From 25,000 tokens +10% free tokens
(will be sent additionally to the ordered amount)

To see more details visit

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