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Facebook live has become an important broadcasting tool and now streams are no longer limited to 90 minutes so you can broadcast for as long as you like. Live videos are getting three times more interaction and views than recorded videos on Facebook and as such it presents a great opportunity for businesses to reach an audience.

Live videos also appear higher in the algorithm on Facebook which gives even more of a reason to ‘go live’. Here are three different ways you can create live content for Facebook.

Interact Directly With Viewers Through Q&A

Q&A sessions are one of the more popular types of video content going right now. It gives the chance for businesses to directly interact with viewers and can bring your brand closer to customers in a more personal environment.

Mark Zuckerberg hosts a lot of Q&A sessions which are now streamed live on Facebook and viewers can also interact and ask questions of their own at town hall sessions. It gives a personal touch to answer customer comments and opinions.

Go Behind The Scenes

Another popular form of video content is going behind the scenes. People see the face of your company and how you operate but how about what goes on behind closed doors?

Your credibility can go up a lot when you show people first hand how you run your business and how you get things done through the day. GE’s livestreams from the olympic games in Rio have provided fans with an exclusive view of the infrastructure and technology behind the event.

This is a great topic for them to create live streaming content around at the moment given the huge global interest in the olympics at the moment and shows people something they do not typically see in an event of this nature.

Product Launches And Events

If you are launching a product or holding an event, live streams give fans a chance to see your product first.

Live streaming an event not only gets people the chance to see what you have been working on first but also gets viewers up close and personal with what you are showing off. With no time limits you can now show live streams of events from an entire conference over the course of a weekend.

With Facebook Live you can take the device close to what you are working on which brings a more immersive experience to the viewer. Remember of course to interact with fans in the comments, don’t just ignore them for the entire event. If they are taking the time to reach out to you then make sure you reach back as much as possible.

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