By @SimonCocking interesting interview with Gregor Koželj Architect of , designer of , the AI based portfolio risk management platform 

What is your background briefly?

I have a background in mathematics, economics and programming. Coming from Central Europe I was introduced to the chaos of financial markets at a very early age as I had to live that when I was a youngster. I became fascinated by the movement of markets and from that determined to seek strategies for chaos mitigation in forex. When it became clear to me that the standard methodology was little more than “best guess” techniques, I resolved to create my own solutions. This involved the building of an AI-based risk-averse financial platform which has occupied my time for most of the last decade. We went live with the ioNectar platform a couple of years ago and it works well so I am completely satisfied with that. This is the basis for our Automatic Reserve Management (ARM) AI.

Does it seem a logical background to what you do now?

Yes it does. When I was starting out the idea of the blockchain was something as far removed as the narrative of The Matrix but as technology has developed and we have progressed it became such a natural fit. Critically, as cryptocurrencies have developed and the due to the implied uncertainty in some cases of what actually underpins any given coin or token, it became clear that any element of chaos mitigation that can be applied to this sphere will be well received. Linking our ARM AI platform to a bespoke crypto product became as logical as day following night

1 minute pitch for what you are doing now.

Our TGE is for X8X which is the gateway token to our design for crypto-stability. Contributors will hold a key without fee to enter and exit the X8C environment which is the most stable cryptocurrency ever created. Tether was ostensibly backed by currency to offer a safe exit when necessary, but X8Currency is backed by the 8 fully convertible global currencies (EUR, USD, CHF, JPY, GBP, AUD, CAD, NZD) plus gold and all held in the highly regulated Swiss financial environment. However, where we diverge completely from Tether is with the value preservation and chaos mitigation of the ARM AI platform which creates the ultimate crypto safe haven. No other cryptocurrency or even financial institution can come close to this level of constancy. As an example of the performance of the platform, when some indices were losing 20% immediately following the Brexit vote, we dipped 2% and then recovered that blip in short order.

Why do you think it is such a powerful idea?

In a bull market everybody is a certified genius but we should all expect an adjustment in crypto markets sooner rather than later. Some believe that the pre-Christmas volatility was the so-called “bear trap” for Bitcoin and, by extension, the wider crypto world but going by that logic we have seen several bear traps already. I believe that we are still on the “take off” upswing and the genuine bear trap will be a lot more violent than anything we have seen up to this point. A true crypto hedge product is essential to offer a friction-free gateway between crypto and fiat. X8Currency is indisputably that gateway and from that point of view we can genuinely anticipate being an essential component in every serious crypto investor’s armoury – our X8X token will offer a seamless transition out of volatile crypto into the fiat-backed sanctuary of X8C. Perhaps behavioural patterns will develop in cryptocurrencies and, furthermore, between crypto and fiat in the long-term but there is absolutely no guarantee of that. Therefore, X8X will be a tremendous entry into our ultimate value store of X8C.

How does ARM AI stand up to scrutiny compared to any other platform used by financial institutions today?

Perhaps the biggest differentiating factor between what we stand for and the other market players is that we do not see pure profit as the be all and end all. We consider stability and value preservation to be the underpinning doctrine of X8Currency. Yes, of course we seek economic performance but that will be in the hands of the X8X holders as they are the true gatekeepers of X8C and the permanence of value which comes from ARM AI. No other platform considers stability as the bottom line but we do. This seemingly contrary philosophy is the key to ARM AI’s uniqueness. I am prepared to affirm that we understand the mechanisms of chaos better than any other competitor as we regard mitigation of chaos as our very first principle. That in essence is what puts ARM AI ahead of the rest.

How can people find out more about X8Currency?

Everyone is welcome to visit our website at We also have a superb team working on our Telegram channel at where any and all questions will be answered promptly. Our YouTube page has some interesting content as well and I would thoroughly recommend taking a good look at the following 2 video links to get a real feel for our core message:

There are other videos available but these are by far the best starting point.



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