Trends in technology are evolving faster every year, month and day. Staying on top of the latest advances in such a rapidly moving world can be tough. But keeping a finger on the pulse with the newest products and the coolest fads – as well as making contacts and discovering new experiences in tech – can be vital in keeping yourself (or your business) ahead of the curve.

So what can you do to stay informed of the latest tech trends?

Head to industry events

A great way to stay updated with the upcoming tech trends of the year is to speak to industry professionals. With so many tech events across Ireland this year, you’ll have a variety of chances to learn from professionals in these niches. You’ll have first-hand experience of new gadgets and ideas, from the world of retail to sports, engineering and even machine learning. You may even get the chance to buy the latest product or sample an app at its development stages giving you the potential to set the trends rather than simply follow them.

There are many events this year that are particularly focusing on the future of technology so you can get ahead of the game. One of these is FutureScope, a platform for leaders in the industry to discuss new and developing technologies and the impact these will have on our businesses. Taking place across four stages on Thursday 28th March, the convention returns for its fifth year.  Experts will give presentations and participate in panels to share their knowledge and advice on how you can incorporate these emerging technologies into your business or even your everyday life.

There are however, a limited amount of spaces so you need to be quick to guarantee your spot. If you do miss out, other future-led conventions to look out for this year include World Machine Learning Summit, which is particularly aimed for data and analytic professionals, and Tech Connect Live, which focuses on both businesses and technology and how the two can grow together.

Make contacts

Without a doubt one of the keys to staying on top of trends in technology is networking and keeping your ear to the ground for what your contacts and colleagues are buying, using and developing. Pushing yourself to meet and interact with like-minded people can encourage new trains of thought and new perspectives but also keeps you in the loop when it comes to product launches and even potential freebies. After these kinds of events you’ll often head home full of inspiration and innovative ideas.

Embrace social media

   There are ways in which you can keep track with the latest tech trends without even leaving the comfort of your own home. Following the leading lights in the tech world on social media means you’ll have a daily insight into their professional and personal worlds. A regular look at the feeds of leading tech brands and companies will help you notice what exciting trends are emerging, as well as the newest ways people are choosing to communicate. Social media advertising is inescapable these days, and while it can feel intrusive, there’s also the benefit of seeing relevant ads for trailblazing new products. 

Keep an eye on the news

 Keeping up-to-date with technology media will improve your awareness of tech advances both nationwide and internationally. A daily glance at tech news will help you to spot new trends at lightning speed. It’s also important to take action if you truly want to remain ahead of the pack. Seek out the latest books by tech’s rising stars, invest in the apps they’re developing and check out the products they endorse. 

Disconnect now and again

Taking a digital detox can actually be a valuable way to clear your head, engage in some forward-thinking and consider possible trends emerging within your own work and on a wider scale. Avoiding information overload is sometimes vital when we want to get a clear look at the bigger picture.

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