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Yesterday we spoke about Facebook’s new algorithm update. Basically, they are shifting the algorithm (again) so that personal posts from family and friends are ranked higher in the newsfeed compared to posts from businesses.

Now this is a problem if you are running a Facebook Page and hoping for maximum organic reach. It basically means that you have to pay Facebook to run ads for your page and content if you want to reach a wider audience or even just to continue with the reach you have at the moment.

Like I said yesterday, Facebook as no interest in your sales, your website traffic or your business. They are only interested in the user and the user experience. However, if you want to see everything that a particular brand or page posts – well that is possible.

You don’t have to be shackled by Facebook’s algorithm. Maybe you have liked a page for a friends business and you want to see all of their posts regardless of what the algorithm wants you to see.

Last summer, Facebook introduced a feature which allows users to see what they want on top of their newsfeed. It is called the ‘see first’ feature and allows you to flag certain pages or profiles so that when new content is posted it will appear at the top of your feed regardless of what the algorithm wants. Why? Simply because you are telling Facebook what you want to see.

To do this you simply head to the Facebook page in question, click the follow button on mobile or liked on desktop and an option will appear on your screen to unfollow, use default settings or see first. Select ‘see first’ and you will always get content from that page at the top of your feed. Screw the Facebook algorithm…we don’t need them telling us what to look at anyway!

Of course you can also unfollow here in the same way which means you will no longer see content from that page in your newsfeed but it will continue to show that you have liked the page. Basically a mute feature for that page. It is an easy way to get around the algorithm and I have been using this for some time.

Of course there is still no way of businesses controlling this and there never will be a way they can control it. All you can really do is ask your followers and fans to select the ‘see first’ option for your Facebook business page and just hope they actually go and do it!

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