Upcoming cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinPulse has recently announced that it will be giving away 20 million CPEX tokens for early sign-ups to their platform. The platform is due to be launched in June 2018, however, the 20 Million CPEX giveaway has already attracted a wide range of users, with those who register with the platform receiving as many as 300 CPEX tokens for free.

CPEX is an ERC20 token native to CoinPulse Exchange. It will have a market of its own, with trading pair provisions on the CoinPulse platform. The token is already being considered as a highly lucrative and potentially profitable one, given that it can be used to claim a discount of 70% on all transaction fees on CoinPulse exchange. As such, participating in the 20 million CPEX token giveaway could be incredibly beneficial for investors and traders alike.

How to Receive 300 Free CPEX Tokens

 To participate in the giveaway, users need to sign-up on the platform by clicking on the “Register” button at https://coinpulse.io/. Once the registration is complete, participants need to click on the “Click Here” link in the homepage to be led to a Google form detailing all the terms and conditions of the giveaway.

According to these terms, all individuals who sign up with the platform — before all 20 million tokens are claimed — will receive 200 CPEX tokens on or after 1st of July 2018, providing they have made at least one trade on the new platform. However, there is an added advantage where some participants may also receive a further 100 CPEX tokens. If these users are in possession of EBCH tokens at the time of registering on the platform, they will receive an additional 100 CPEX tokens; bringing their total to 300 free CPEX tokens received. Additionally, one of the EBCH token holders registered on coinpulse.io will be randomly selected to receive 100,000 CPEX tokens.

EBCH (part of coinmaketcap.com list of top tokens) is the current native token on the CoinPulse platform. However, once the exchange goes live, these tokens will be swapped for CPEX tokens at a ratio of 1:3. As such, users who want to take advantage to receive free 300 CPEX tokens should first purchase EBCH tokens from either the ForkDelta,  EtherDelta or stocks.exchange platforms, and later have them swapped for CPEX once CoinPulse is launched. Since CoinPulse will hold no ICO for their CPEX tokens, the only means of acquiring them is to either purchase EBCH tokens and get them swapped, or to receive the free CPEX tokens from the registration giveaway.

Benefits of Using the CoinPulse Platform

CoinPulse is one of the year’s most anticipated exchange platforms because it has been founded on the principle of prioritizing user experience and maximizing traders’ profitability. As such, it has been designed after conducting a thorough survey of the crypto-community to understand and remedy the majority of issues associated with current exchange platforms.

One of the biggest criticisms of current platforms is that they cut into the traders’ profit margins with exorbitant trading fees. In fact, according to Exchange War, the top 30 cryptocurrency exchanges charge an average of 0.2% trading fees for both makers and takers. CoinPulse seeks to remedy that by offering free tokens for early sign-ups, with which considerable trading fee discounts can be claimed, and also through the implementation of a referral program. CPEX token holders will receive a 70% discount on all trading fees, provided they use the CPEX tokens to make the payment. Furthermore, users can also receive a 30% commission on all fees generated by users they have referred to the platform.

As such, if users take advantage of the various features and privileges available on the platform, they can increase their profits considerably. “Our goal is to create an exchange platform that prioritizes the needs and demands of its community,” said Chez Darji, co-founder of CoinPulse. “As such, CoinPulse will provide traders with the means and opportunity to reduce their trading fees to a mere 0.06%, thus maximizing their profits.”

Another feature of the CoinPulse platform that sets it apart from its competitors is that it is an integrated dual exchange, combining both Instant and Advanced Exchange features. As an Instant Exchange, it is ideally suited for users who want to place buy and sell orders quickly and efficiently. As an Advanced Exchange, it is ideally suited for seasoned traders who need access to a complete suite of features and tools, in order to place different order types such as limit, market, stop and trailing stop orders. This ensures that the CoinPulse platform is accessible for the entire crypto-community and that it can serve the interests of all types of users.

In addition to accessibility, CoinPulse will also give its users a chance to vote on which tokens they would like introduced onto the platform. The results of the vote will be used as a guideline for CoinPulse to determine which tokens and coins have enough interest to be integrated onto the platform.

These features and privileges suggest that CoinPulse will be highly community-focused. Those users interested in understanding more about the CoinPulse platform can get a head-start by purchasing EBCH tokens and registering with the exchange early, so that they have a greater chance of receiving the 300 CPEX tokens immediately after the platform is launched.

For more information, please visit https://coinpulse.io/.

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