Here are some tools to help you protect your personal and family information from threats online.

Advanced Identity Protector

Advanced Identity Protector is a smart identity theft prevention tool that works on advanced techniques to keep you safe from identity theft. You can use this tool to protect all your personally identifiable information including email accounts, social security numbers, passwords, credit card details, bank credentials, and more. Working on powerful algorithms, it helps you find & protect all your identity traces in a secured vault. During the process, it scans your web browser, email clients, document & files, and Windows Registry to find & monitor sensitive information. You can also use its built-in secure vault to keep all your passwords, credit card details and other information secured in an encrypted manner.


IdentityForce works tirelessly to keep you safe 24/7. It helps you monitor your personal information, sends you quick alerts if something found suspicious and also helps you protect your family identity traces. It not only tracks information and sends you rapid alerts, but it also helps you repair damage caused due to identity theft. This identity, privacy, and credit security tool comes combined with advanced detection technology to offer extensive security features. Its innovative identity theft protection technology monitors illegal selling of your personal data, credit information, financial details and more. It sends you real-time alerts to your mobile device, tablet, or computer for complete security. Additionally, it helps you understand your credit score, protect your personal data in a secure vault, and offers 24/7 recovery services.

ID WatchDog

Use this advanced identity theft protection & credit monitoring tool to track your credit score from one or all three major credit bureaus including Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. This advanced tool scan billions of public records, certifications, licenses, and other data points to look for identity theft possibilities. It also offers dark web monitoring where it scans chat rooms, websites, forums and more on the dark web to track stolen personal information. Working as an independent body its Case Management and Resolution center helps you manage identity theft cases until it is resolved.


With personal information, criminals can takeover or open new accounts and more. LifeLock helps you protect and deal with such situations. LifeLock monitors credit file activity, online loan applications, unauthorized USPS address change, track information on Dark Web, tracks online payday loans, monitors cell service applications, offers privacy monitoring and more. It is empowered with U.S.-based restoration team to help you deal with identity theft situations. It offers easy credit monitoring from three major credit bureaus. In additional features, it offers SSN & credit alerts, bank & credit card activity alerts, alerts on crimes committed in your name, lost wallet protection, fictitious identity monitoring, annual credit reports & scores, monthly credit Card score tracking, investment activity alerts, file-sharing link searches, sex offender registry intelligences, priority live member support, and more.

BullGuard Identity Protection

Try this simple and effective tool to protect your personal & financial information safe. It offers 24/7 web monitoring and preventive alerts to keep you safe. You can use this powerful tool on any of your devices. This cloud-based service works seamlessly on any device, any location, and any time. Thus, it reduces the need of installing anything on your device. It continuously monitors your personal & financial information on the Internet and alerts you when it finds something suspicious. It offers flexible payment options and expert support to offer enhanced user experience.

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