Eternal Trusts, the ICO that will hold your dreams for hundreds of years, has to be very solid and robust. Not only is the project looking to tap into future projects, the actual tokenomics has to be robust enough to last 100s of years. Most ICOs have a roadmap lasting a couple of years, with Eternal Trusts, the timeframe for delivering the contracts in counted in  centuries.

In this article we will look at how this might be managed.

First and foremost, ETT is a based on the ERC-20 protocol, which is deemed the standard in the industry of smart contracts.

The ETT token is highly multipurpose and is closely tied to the project’s unique value proposition, as well as to every aspect of its business model. It is a utility token needed for all components of the Purpose Execution Flow and its value depends primarily on important platform KPIs and product metrics.

  • The Eternal Trusts Token is a service token needed for launching the Purpose Execution Flow. It’s also a reward token for the Oracles of Eternal Trusts. To increase the value of the token, Oracles have to hold a share of 10% (or other value defined by the Decentralized Autonomous Organization) of ET Tokens from each reward. The growth of the clients base is the primary foundation of the proportional demand growth of the token and its fundamental value.


  • All service providers have to hold a share of 10% (or other value defined by DAO) of tokens to retain their rights within the ET Ecosystem and participate in the processes of the Purpose Execution Flow. The growth of the providers base is also a positive factor of proportional demand growth in demand as well as the token value.


  • As a crowdfunding platform for R&D missions demanded by the clients, Eternal Trusts plan to attract 20% (or other value defined by DAO) more crowdfunded projects than previous year. This KPI will produce a gradually increasing shift between the demand for ETT tokens from crowd-investors and its supply for funded R&D-organisations.


  • All ETT token holders can become participants of the ET DAO. The rights of the DAO participants are determined by the amount of Eternal Trusts tokens that they hold. There are several levels of rights for DAO participants that depend on their balance: the right to cast a vote (1st level), the right to issue proposals for determining rules of the Purpose Execution Flow (2d level), the right to offer proposals and initiate voting to change the structure and parameters of the whole DAO (3d level).

Knowing more about the fundamentals of our tokenomics, consider buying our token now on a very favorable set of conditions:

1 ETT token price = 0.1 USD

Now you can buy tokens with a maximum discount?—?50%

Minimum purchase is 10000 ETT Tokens

Tokens for sale: 200,000,000 ETT

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