People who deal with social media a lot know how time-consuming the task of preparing and posting relevant content is. Nevertheless, it is the quality of content you deliver that determines your account’s ratings and the number of followers. This means the task is to be taken seriously on one hand and simplified on the other hand.

The first step to finding a solution is outlining your exact needs. Consider the following:
What websites are you going to post you content on?
What kind of content do you need (pictures or video, their length or size, a general concept, possible sources etc.)?
How often are you going to post your content?

Once you know answers to these questions, you can consider the following tools for content creation.

1. Templates

Using templates prepared in advance is a highly efficient method to boost your productivity in a social media. Many people have their pages on different platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, their personal website etc. It is wise to post the same or just a little customized content on every your page as long as they serve the same purpose and are targeted at a similar audience. The problem is that each social media or platform sets its specific requirements in terms of size, backgrounds and formatting that the network members should meet. This means certain adjustment may be required, even if the text and graphics remain the same.

Finding a tool for applying automatic reformatting is a proper solution, which can save heaps of time and nerves when the task is to be completed quickly.

2. Stock images

Stock images we have mentioned above provide a universal solution when you need to produce a post quickly but have no fresh visual materials. This is why it is so important to collect them in advance.

3. Animation

Using animation is the next step towards perfect expression of your thoughts through images. Perceived easier, it can tell readers more and faster, which helps keep your posts more concise yet informative.

4. Make summary posts based on sourced content

If you like a quite long article posted on a website you use as a source, consider making a summary of it to get a shorter version or even an overview. Just single out what you believe to be the most relevant for your social media content and compose your own post using the sourced material. Many people are reluctant to read long articles, so they will appreciate your endeavor very much.
Another way to handle such long articles is breaking them into several parts each focusing on a slightly different subject and placing these shorter posts as a series of publications. Once again, shorter posts are easier to read and comprehend, so this approach helps keep your followers engaged.

5. User-generated content

Publishing posts, reviews and comments provided by your users is a great way to diversify social media content. Additionally, this promotes creating certain community spirit, which is highly important to retain followers.

This kind of work takes some time and efforts to find, process and publish materials. Nevertheless, the approach ensures you will always have solid supply of diversified content and can place posts on a regular basis.

Key takeaways
Define a range of your clients who will provide you with fresh materials (both photo/video and text). Also, draw up a maximum comprehensive calendar of any events you are interested in, product launches, update releases etc.

Consider stocking up on the necessary content in advance. Make sure you have image templates you may need. Do not miss out on an opportunity to provide your own content. Your personal travels are a great source of experiences to share. To keep it simple, use standard templates for recurring content;

Outsourcing at least a part of content production to different professionals is a good idea because it helps meeting strict deadlines and provides a kind of backup.

Consider making placing comments and posts by your guests and experts as simple as possible.

Make sure you possess a diversified toolset you may require to produce content.

Once all the preparation steps are completed, it’s time to be creative and come up with your unique content. Let’s discuss what you can do to deliver only top-quality content without spending too much time.

The Final Word

The above content handling methods not only facilitate your social media management activities but also secure never-ceasing supply of topical material. The list is not exhaustive though. Feel free to come up with your own solutions to boost your creative productivity. Using these and similar life hacks makes content much more composed, rewarding and easier activity.

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