Written by Giovanni Casagrande 

 Dozens of recent cryptocurrencies launch every month, and alongside these new tokens and cash comes a chain of initial coin offerings (ICOs). The appetite among a broad pool of buyers for these opportunities has grown, even notwithstanding the fact that cryptocurrencies had been battered in 2018. All of those elements integrate to lure scammers. After all, if traders have demonstrated that they may be inclined to throw money towards a particularly speculative cryptocurrency, they appear to be similarly inclined spend money on fraudulent tokens or ICOs.

For the cryptocurrency investor looking to make the maximum of the host of new investment opportunities at the same time as remaining safe from fraudulent ICOs and sketchy coins and tokens, the prospect may be daunting. Blockchain and cryptocurrency generation is developing at a fast pace, or even skilled investors might also find it hard to keep up with the terminology. While there’s no guarantee that any cryptocurrency or blockchain-related startup may be valid or a success, the steps outlined underneath permit you to to be as certain as possible that you’re no longer falling for a scam.

Know the Team

Perhaps the single most important thing for any ICO or cryptocurrency is the builders and administrative group behind the project. The cryptocurrency area is ruled by way of important names, with celebrity builders like Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin capable of making or breaking new tasks in reality through having their names indexed on a group. For that reason, it’s more and more commonplace for scammers to invent faux founders and biographies for his or her initiatives.

The best protection against this fraudulent tactic is to very well research the individual team of individuals for a project before you invest. It’s a bad sign, for example, if you’re unable to find any facts about a specific developerfounder on LinkedIn or other social media outlets. Even if profiles do exist, check to look if their activity seems to match up with the variety of followers and likes they accrue. Individuals who hardly ever interact with their followers and but have lots of enthusiasts won’t be real.

Beyond figuring out whether or not the development crew is real, it is essential to make an effort to see if their qualifications measure up. Do the founders have the qualifications they declare to have? Is it relevant to the present day project at hand?


A cryptocurrency or ICO whitepaper is the foundational record for that assignment. The whitepaper must lay out the background, goals, approach, concerns, and timeline for implementation for any blockchain-associated challenge. Whitepapers can be rather revealing: businesses which have a flashy internet site may additionally display they lack a basically sound idea. On the other hand, an enterprise with a website containing spelling errors can also have a whitepaper that suggests a rock-solid concept and a cautiously conceived implementation plan.

The first step in the direction of analyzing a whitepaper is to study it very well. Check to look if the whitepaper has financial models, SWOT evaluations, and a roadmap for implementation.

Companies that don’t provide whitepapers must be averted at all costs. Still, it is viable for a fraudulent company to put forward a powerful whitepaper, as became the case with PlexCoin; this enterprise raised over $15 million before the USA Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) stepped in to shut it down. A whitepaper must answer all the questions an investor might have about what sets this precise venture apart from its competition, the way it plans to achieve success, and the measures it’s going to take to attain its goals.

Look to the Token Sale

Any ICO will depend upon a token to facilitate the crowdfunding procedure. Legitimate companies and endeavors make the device itself and the progress of the token sale easy for buyers to view. Look for the token sale figures if the ICO is ongoing. Better still, watch the token sale through the years to see how it’s progressing.

If a company makes it hard for absolutely everyone to chart the development of its ICO, this is a major red flag. Some rip-off ICOs will disguise their token sale development underneath the pretense of individual contribution addresses; this prevents potential buyers from seeing precisely how much has been raised and what kind of time remains within the sale. In a few instances, this might be an attempt to generate a sense of urgency among investors, even if there isn’t always proof of a successful sale happening.

How Feasible is the Project?

While it may appear apparent, ICOs and cryptocurrencies with the finest possibilities for achievement are people who can live longer than their competition. Many launches, even notably-publicized ones, have sputtered after initial interest diminished. Your best bet for investment is based on a corporation having a conceivable, viable set of pursuits. The corporation should have a compelling concept and be able to carry that idea into execution over the short and long terms alike.

Going in conjunction with the query of feasibility is the problem of transparency. Companies which have top-notch ideas and models are much more likely than others to want to be as obvious as possible with the wider network. Look for agencies that aim to keep investors updated with normal, exact development reviews on an enterprise website or on social media. It’s additionally useful to look if an organization has a timeline for what has taken place.

Exercise Caution

Even the most successful ICOs and cryptocurrencies are slammed for being fueled by speculation. Keep a watch as you look for new funding possibilities inside the ICO and cryptocurrency areas. Be aware that projects sounding too good to be true possibly are. Spend time scrutinizing each detail, and assume that the absence of a bit of important statistics can be an attempt to disguise an unsound idea.

Look for assets to verify the legitimacy of any mission before making an investment, and continually ask questions which you cannot already find the solutions to. The cryptocurrency and ICO spaces provide incredible possibility for investors who’ve done their homework and are able to make sound choices. They additionally avoid pitfalls that can lead to big quantities of cash being lost due to scams, frauds or even valid agencies that are definitely poorly designed and not likely to succeed.

So, always be ALERT!


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