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How to get your system protected from latest malware attacks

The internet has become an important member of our family. We just jump over to internet as soon as we think of some searching, shopping, and make travel plans. Thus, our computers contain so much of valuable personal information that are the main targets of most dangerous malware products. These products just look for those computers who have ignored the warnings and have not taken any precautionary steps.

The malware which are designed today are so powerful that they can steal your identity related information, valuable data or just take your computer as hostage and ask for ransom. They can encrypt the files or connected network and its devices, or send you malicious mail with attachments. Even Windows desktop and browsers have not been spared.

Preventive Steps to Avoid Malware Attacks.

While it is almost certain that malware attacks will come up with more creativity, the users must take steps to ensure that instead for looking for a cure after the attack they must take preventive measures to keep them secured from these threats. Here we have summed up some measures that help you on preventing your system from malware attacks:

  • Backing up of Data

Never store important data only on one PC. You must take backups on regular basis and must have two backups of important data files and the software you are using. One of them must be on an external drive and the other may be in cloud. The cloud drive must be operational for minimum possible time.

  • Latest Security Updates of Operating System

The operating system, as well as all the software installed on the system, must have the latest available security updates. The OS update must be set to automatic. Also, the antivirus and the antimalware software must have latest definitions updated.

WannaCry is a common example which encrypted millions of systems globally just by picking up the vulnerability in Windows XP systems. The infection affected over 200,000 victims in 150 countries. The victims were asked to pay huge sum of money and that too in Bitcoin, for their files to be decrypted.

  • Try not to operate with Admin account

Always operate your system with guest account and with limited privileges. Only use Administrative account when you have to make any important change in the setting of your system.

  • Avoid Plugins from unknown source.

You should always use the plugins which come from trusted source. Some common examples are Adobe Flash, Adobe Reader, Java and Silverlight. Also, always use the latest updated versions of plugins and addons that you are using currently. Always go for ad-blocker to avoid the threat of potentially malicious ads.

  • Pay attention to Browser’s Security and Privacy Options

To increase the protection, adjust the security and the privacy options of the browser, you are going to use.

Fireball, a Chinese malware, hijacks browsers and turn them into zombies. It executes any code on infected PCs to steal credentials.

  • Beware of Spam and Suspicious Mails

Look for spam emails or suspicious emails always. Never click on the link of an email that comes from an unknown sender. Also set the filters of your email account in a way that they automatically block all bogus and spam emails.

  • Beware of Email Attachments

Always check the source of the email which contains an attachment. A recent study explains that an infected attachment added with an email result in major malware attacks. Therefore, be 100% assure before you download any attachments from an email.

  • Use of Malware Protection Tools

To deal with the malware problem, there are some malware protection tools that must be used. Also as ransomware is one of the most common variant of malware that is used more than often, therefore, you should also use ransomware protection tools for your system. Some common examples are McAfee, Malwarebytes and Advanced System Protector which effectively remove ransomware, spyware, malware and adware from your system and protects them in real time.

  • Frame New regulations for Internet of Things

Each device will be coming under the scanner with the coming of Internet of Things. Therefore, there is not an iota of chance to update all of them with antimalware software. It means that this surely going to increase the vulnerability angle. The criminals will have great opportunity to ransom the owners of these devices. The cybersecurity experts must take it seriously to frame new regulations to prevent any untoward happening.

These simple yet effective measures will surely help you in protecting your system from all the prevailing malware attacks.

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