By @SimonCocking review of How to Get What You Want in 7 Weeks: The Journey To Rediscovering Your Authentic Self by Julie Provino. Available from Amazon here.

Can you imagine leading a life full of excitement and purpose, inspiration and praise? A life where your achievements exceed your own expectations, where you have time to focus on yourself and where others cherish their relationships with you?

We are all born authentic. To a greater or lesser extent, we each lose that authenticity as we go through our lives, conditioned by our own expectations and of those around us. As a result, we begin to be less of who we really are.

How To Get What You Want in 7 Weeks will encourage you become the best possible version of yourself. Join Julie on this journey of rediscovery and learn that by being true to yourself you can breeze through life and enjoy it. 

The title was a little off putting to be sure. Can you really get what you want in 7 weeks? Pregnant, buy  house, become rich, play for Man U (actually maybe not such a good idea these days)? It turns out though, for such a bombastic title, the aim of the book is much more about your own inner path, which to be fair is there in the subtitle. Together title + subtitle do perhaps make for a bit of a jarring juxtaposition. In the introduction the author quickly explains that she is inspired by NLP, which has very much become a go-to way of looking at things for many people in this space.

With these things considered, inside is actually an interesting and thought provoking text. It is never possible to get everything done, and have everything we think we want, and even if we did, would we be happy anyway? Probably not. The book aims to break, what is a massive goal, into more bitesized tasks, hence the seven week plan, to tackle various aspects bit by bit. If you are not happy with where you currently are then this book does offer some good ideas for how to chip away at your current status and look to be in a different and better place. As the Chinese proverb says, the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, if you haven’t done that, then the next best time is NOW, so too with this book, it might help you to become the person you always wanted to be.

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