When and where is it on?
When: Thursday 12th April
Where: Bank of Ireland Grand Canal Square
Time: 18:00-20:00
What was the inspiration to start it?
This is a collaboration between the eCommerce Association of Ireland (ECAI) and RockBoost growth hacking agency on how new and innovative growth techniques can be leveraged in eCommerce to deliver more value to the end customer and ultimately, increase revenue.
What can you learn from the early days of eBay, Amazon, and Shopify?
It seems hard to believe today, but there was a time when eBay was a lowly startup only used by hardcore thrifters, buyers and sellers, Amazon was a niche website frequented only by bookworms searching for an obscure novel, and Shopify was a lean and scrappy startup holding meetings in coffee shops for the free wifi!
So how did these companies grow from such modest origins into the colossal eCommerce heavyweights we know today?
Was it magic or something else?
Despite what many believe, their incredible growth was not solely due to creating an amazing product and then hoping it would be adopted by the masses.
There was a meticulously implemented data-driven methodology behind these companies’ meteoric rise to global domination.
The methodology in question is known as Growth Hacking, and it has been adopted not only by savvy startups but also in the corporate sphere, with powerhouses like IBM and Microsoft, as well as by millions of marketers and entrepreneurs across the globe.
What is growth hacking?
A data-driven process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels and product development to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow a business.
It involves cross-functional teams and constant iteration with a focus on attaining and retaining customers, engaging them, and motivating them to come back for more.
A key element of growth hacking is employing strict processes and systems with a laser-focus on a ‘north star metric’ which measures value delivery to the end-user.
What exciting things can people look forward to?
Be one of the first in Ireland to adopt the growth hacking principles that made eBay, Amazon, and Shopify so successful.
Learn directly from two Dutch companies that have already implemented these principles in dozens of companies across Europe.
Share your growth challenges and discover new and innovative ways to deliver value to your clients and customers.
What opportunities are on offer for those attending?
Attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to receive concessions and discounts on future growth hacking training workshops planned for summer and autumn 2018 in Ireland.
Who will be speaking?
Niall Bodkin
Chairman – ECAI
Opening remarks and exciting plans and developments for ECAI in 2018.
Chris Out
Managing Director – RockBoost Growth Hacking Agency
7 Ways To Boost your eCommerce Business in 2018. How to set up your eCommerce business for massive growth while delighting your customers. Chris is an internationally recognised speaker and has spoken at industry-leading events such as CXL Live (US), Conversion Summit (Germany), and Conversion Jam (Sweden).
Mark Landman
Managing Director – DotControl Digital Agency
Technology, Design and Growth. Friends or Enemies? Mark will show step-by-step how DotControl is using this approach for her eCommerce clients which resulted in being awarded as the 2nd best agency in The Netherlands.
How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?
Strictly speaking, this event is exclusively for ECAI members. However, you can register with the ECAI for free here, or at the venue on the night. Click here to secure your eCommerce growth hacking ticket Please be aware there is a restricted capacity at the venue, so tickets are limited. Unfortunately, those without a ticket will not be admitted.
Post-event drinks
We will be casually gathering for drinks and discussion after the event.
Where: HQ Gastrobar – Grand Canal Square
Time: 20:00-22:30
Prepared and edited by Andrew Carroll, Journalism MA in DIT.

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