By @SimonCocking interesting interview with Paola Gulian Food, Music, Food… & Food!  Senior Social Media Campaign Manager Paola will be will be speaking at the upcoming 3XE event on Thursday, October 19th. See more and get tickets here

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

Whilst assisting leading companies and global brands on their paid social strategies, I ensure they utilise the latest and most creative technologies on-hand in the digital marketing world. With a current focus on Ayima’s leading charity clients, I implement the core strategy that will truly connect them with the audience they best relate with, ultimately increasing the charity’s brand awareness and annual donations.

How was the last 12 months, what worked well, what didn’t move as quickly as you would have liked?

The last 12 months have shown incredible growth with lots of new developments in the social media space. I have witnessed first-hand a lot of brands stepping out of their comfort zones and trying new innovative strategies and messaging on all major platforms, such as incorporating Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, which a lot of brands have been afraid to add in the past.

What are your plans for the future?

Continuing to provide our clients across all sectors digital marketing strategies that drive real results for their business. We’re continuing to expand our global reach with a recent addition of our San Francisco office, so our aim is to continue to grow the business and the impact we can bring all of our clients on a wider scale.

What will you be talking about at this event? 

Diving into the fundamental parts of a Facebook strategy, I’ll be breaking down the crucial and often ignored elements of what makes a Facebook strategy work for companies and brands of all shapes and sizes. I’ll explore all elements such as targeting and analysing your audience, examining the core message of your content and ultimately performing the in-depth optimisation that follows. I also want to make this presentation easy-to-follow and informative so both brands and companies can walk away with key actions to apply to their existing paid social strategies.

What inspired you to attend it?

Being one of the leading Search Marketing events held annually, how could I not want to attend? From a speaker’s point of view, I’m attending to help inform my fellow attendees of how they can best utilise their paid social strategy with Facebook, aiming to provide the insights they ultimately need to achieve their digital marketing goals. Ayima is a specialist agency when it comes to search marketing. I’m hoping to provide attendees complete transparency. I want to help them walk away with the knowledge of not just how to use Facebook in their own campaigns but how to also use the insights of what goes on behind the scenes in paid media so they can be better informed when it comes to finding or working with a digital agency or consultant.

Which influencers and websites do you follow to keep up to date with the latest developments?

I make sure to follow sites like Search Engine Land and of course the blogs, newsletters and major announcements from all social platform blogs and websites, including everything from Facebook and Instagram to Snapchat and Pinterest. But most importantly, I use the platforms on a daily basis and engage with a lot of these brands as a consumer myself. It’s particularly interesting to see things in action and to be targeted whilst also having that knowledge of “How it’s made”.


How can people find out more about what you are working on?

You can see the exciting projects and campaigns on our website, social feeds and you’re welcome to connect with me on LinkedIn

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked?

Ayima are celebrating our 10th year in search marketing this year!  We’re continuing to expand the sectors we work in and services we offer which is incredible. To give a little insight into who we are, we’re a technical digital marketing agency who specialises in creating and implementing award-winning digital strategies for some of the world’s leading brands, offering services such as SEO, PPC, Paid Media, Ecommerce, CRO, Content Marketing and Creative. The company provides specialist services across the globe with offices in London, Stockholm, New York City, San Francisco, Raleigh and Vancouver.

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