By @SimonCocking review of How To Be A World Class Leader: Using Science To Become One of The Top Executives in the World by Patrick Hough. Available from Amazon here

IT ISN’T EASY TO LEAD AN ORGANIZATION. People are depending on you, but what if you don’t have all the knowledge or skills to do a good job? What if it goes terribly wrong and it’s your fault? This book will develop your mental capabilities – and give you the tools, techniques and tactics – to solve that dilemma. It’s based on the latest scientific research, but it’s written for people like yourself, who need practical solutions to real-life problems. If you’re a CEO, a senior manager or a business owner this book will help you: 

  • become an outstanding decision-maker
  • become a true leader
  • develop your organization’s culture
  • achieve lasting change in your organization
  • create an outstanding strategy
  • achieve your goals

This is a topical book, as many leaders struggle to identify the best way to lead their teams forwards. It is possible to trip up in many many ways, with badly managed, badly executed, or simply poorly thought through ideas. The author leverages the benefit of his own insights, and also, clearly an extensive period of reading and research too. Many familiar business management classics are cited, as the author attempts to provide a wide overview to create a general guide for someone looking for a quick series of ideas and inspiration to help them in their own leadership journey.

The range of topics covered is useful, with case studies and anecdotes to help you understand what good looks like, and possible options to help to achieve it. Hough is also keen to ensure that the book leverages the value of the latest scientific insights, to ensure that your actions are data driven, and backed up with real reasons for their implementation.

If you are looking for a broad overview of the current challenges and issues faced by leaders in 2018 and going forwards then this is a useful book to have near to hand. It may well also prompt you to dig deeper into the resources that he has referenced to enable you to go away and learn more about those areas that are most relevant for your own leadership journey.

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