It doesn’t seem that long ago that Steve Jobs was standing on a stage introducing a smartphone that few foresaw being the success it has. While the initial iPhone had its flaws, the large capacitive touch screen has redefined how we interact with handheld devices and become the design standard for nearly all smartphones today.

In the first quarter of Apple’s fiscal year 2007, the last quarter before the iPhone was unveiled, Apple’s total revenue was $7.1 billion. $3.4 billion of that was from the sale of iPods, a category which has now been cannibalised by the iPhone.

Fast forward to Q1 2015 and iPhone sales alone generated $51.2 billion, or 69% of Apple’s total revenue in that period. To put that into unit numbers, Apple sold nearly 10 iPhone per second for the whole of the quarter!

Infographic: How the iPhone Changed Apple in Just 8 Years | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

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