Description: The automobile changed a lot since the first car appeared. Along with all the processes of manufacturing, the approaches the automobile industry distributes car products has changed too, and it is specifically thanks to social media. Social media has totally modified the strategies of car sales in many ways. Let’s consider some of them.

In these present times, it is common knowledge that social media has been one of the most popular developments in the digital world, and its use has extended to multiple sectors including the business industry. In light of this, it is crucial to note that despite being used for lead generation and customer engagement purposes, some industries in the business sector don`t know how to use social media effectively. However, if you observe keenly enough, it is possible to find some sectors that stand out from the rest, with the Automobile industry being at the forefront of these “elite” industries.

In the recent years, the automobile industry has established a firm grip on the mechanics behind successfully blending this sector with social media. This has been showcased in myriads of ways, with the use of social media as a potent marketing weapon for numerous car brands being the main one. With all the above in mind, this article seeks to expound further on the manner in which social media has changed the dynamics of the automobile industry.

You Need to Invest in Social Media Marketing to Attract Buyers in the Automobile Industry

Traditionally, car manufacturers have relied on expensive and flashy television ads to help in promoting their respective car brands. However, with the ever-mutating media landscape which is currently edging more towards social media, there are all signs that this is bound to change.

For instance, you find that social media platforms such as Facebook are pivotal in the field of automobile sales and purchases. Around 66% of car owners and buyers that have registered Facebook accounts have seen a Facebook ad about a car and clicked on it. This not only shows the extent to which social media has attracted people to use its services but also that adverts concerning vehicles have a large and receptive audience.

With the above knowledge at hand, social media is critical in the successful marketing in the automobile industry. In addition to this, it also interprets that the more excellent a car brand does its social media marketing, the higher its chances are of soaring above its competitors in this industry. In a nutshell, any car manufacturer or dealership that is not incorporating social media into their sales strategy is doing significant damage to their business` objectives.

The Vehicle Purchasing Process Has Moved Online

The role that social media plays in the automobile industry is far more than merely attracting buyers through coming up with catchy adverts. In fact, with each passing day, there is a significant increase in the number of car-buying transactions that take place over various social media platforms. With social media apps such as Vero among many others, the car-purchasing process has been made much easier. Their primary objective is to make online purchases appear more as they would in real life, with all sorts of transactions being facilitated. This includes cheap automobile pieces to high-end automobile “machines.”

Manufacturers Focus on Appearance Now More than Ever

We have to admit that a car`s looks have always been a crucial factor to consider when buying it. However, with the rapid growth in the use of social media in the automobile industry, there is a need for a car`s appearance to be at its best more than before.

This is because the most popular and highly used social network platforms such as Instagram emphasize that their users are sharing pictures. It comes as no surprise that cars frequently show up in these pictures, with most users always eager to flaunt their latest vehicle acquisitions. For most Instagram users, especially the rich ones, posting pictures of their vehicles on this platform to acquire many “likes” is one of the highlights of their social lives.

Because of this, car brands are incorporating social media to link them directly to their target market. Other than manufacturing glamorous-looking cars, they go an extra step to post visual content that showcases these vehicles on their official social media accounts. By so doing, they can reassure potential buyers that their cars would look great on their social media posts.

Car Sellers Extend Their Relationship with Customers Beyond Initial Contact

Social media platforms are of essential value to car sellers because they provide a platform where they can reach their customers at a personal level even after their initial contact. This is made possible via the creation of advertisements that are highly personalized and tailored according to a client`s tastes and preferences. With the numerous ads that are available online, it is quite easy for a buyer to be swept off their feet by better offers from salespeople elsewhere. However, with this feature, a car-seller can follow up on potential buyers by sending personalized content via social media networks. Because buying a vehicle isn`t a spontaneous decision to make, this helps in convincing customers to settle for their car brand.


Can you picture yourself finding your next vehicle on social media networks such as Facebook? For those hearing it for the first time, it would seem like an awkward place to pursue such a crucial decision in one`s life. However, as we’ve considered, social media is increasingly becoming a cornerstone in the automobile industry and is shaping the present and future trends of this industry.

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