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As I sit back and reflect upon the advancements of communication via social media awareness and digital technologies, it makes me question the life span of breaking news and how millions of people can miss that important story because of the lack of influence and platform integration. The internet of things was developed by human thought, just as well as the news of missing children were exposed to the public by advertisement on milk carts. Now human thought is programmable in #AI artificial intelligence, just as fast as the milk cart has been replaced by plastic with no photo of the missing children. Using no more than 140 charters on twitter I found a diamond in the ruff who utilizes all of her gifts offline and online to replace something deeper than advertisement and social awareness on a milk cart. It’s an honour to introduce to you Regina Evans !

Photo Credit: Olivia Krause

What is your background briefly?

My career path has been a bit of a mosaic. I worked in politics as a political reporter in Sacramento, Ca (Sacramento Observer), and then moved to Washington DC to work as a Legislative Assistant (US Congress). I later worked in retail and owned a beautiful vintage clothing boutique, The Diva’s Closet, in Sydney, Australia. After returning to the States in 2006, I became a theater professional (Playwright/Actor) and opened my current vintage boutique, Regina’s Door in Oakland, Ca. I use my creative and entrepreneurial skills to undergird my work as a Modern Day Abolitionist in the fight against human trafficking.

Does it seem like a logical background to what you do now?

Not at first glance. I never imagined that I would be an Abolitionist. Because of my own trauma as a survivor, it took a lot of courage for me to work in this field. I’m glad that I made that decision. It is my heart work. Also, when I look back at everything that I have experienced career wise…those things have absolutely been the fuel as I fight trafficking. I use it all.

Photo Credit: Olivia Krause

1 min pitch for what you are doing now?

I work as a Modern Day Abolitionist in the fight against human trafficking. I use my skills as a theater professional and as an entrepreneur to bring awareness to the plight of those seared by modern day slavery, to support survivors of trafficking, and to engage and educate the community about this injustice.

What is the importance of social media for you?

Social Media is an effective tool which can bring about sustained awareness and visibility regarding events and purposeful missions. It can also serve as a connector and networker of like minded people.

Has your Business Model grown because of it?

I use my Social Media as my “second window and second door”. It gives my customers and those interested in my mission a glimpse into the inner workings of my boutique. It has served to increase the foot traffic to my store. I have been tracking my customer flow since I opened my store (i.e. How customers find out about me). I have had to have a strong social media focus because the foot traffic is low in my area. Social Media has served my business and my mission well in terms of growth.

How do you balance your work and private life?

In truth, in the past, not very well. This year I have had to take some solid steps in the realm of self care to achieve balance. I’ve had to include exercise, having fun, sleeping, taking small weekend vacations “My Great Adventures”, and spending time with family and friends. I feel much more balanced, and am definitely on a path to sustaining a healthy self care lifestyle.

What’s your top 3 Social Media platforms and why?

I use Instagram because of its visual nature. I am able to display the clothing from my store on Instagram in a beautiful way.

SAVE THE DATE! FREE TIX AVAILABLE! Please come out and support this beautifully deep theatrical offering – Beyond The Bars: Growing Home. #LowerBottomPlayaz #blackandbrownbodies #jailasnormalized #carceralsystem #chattelslavery (I am also very excited and honored to be the Costume Designer for the show. #goals #grateful ???) Info: "200 free tickets are being made available: The tickets are good for 8/17 at 8:00 or 8/19 at 2:00. This is a opportunity for formerly incarcerated, those affected by incarceration, service providers, and the at risk to be in frank conversation and to experience theater from their own lens. contact [email protected] for more information." Looking forward to seeing you all at the theater!! Peace Regina #lowerbottomplayaz #ayodelnzinga #creativedirector #director #supportblacktheater #supportblackartists #beyondthebars #theflightdeck #august18-september3 #freetickets #free ??

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I use Facebook to stay connected to my friends (including those overseas). Additionally, I know that people come to my page to get updates and information of human trafficking. I also use it because of the ability to house storytelling information.

I use Twitter for news, personal inspiration, and to read about inspiring individuals. There are some stellar people on Twitter.

How have the last 12 months been – anything you would have done differently?

Yes, I would have said no more. I have found that no is a great boundary setter. And it helps you to stay focused on the task at hand. But, in saying that, the last 12 months have been remarkable. I have been able to achieve a great deal, learn of many things, and create deeper relationships.

What are you excited about in the near future?

I am excited about my work as an abolitionist, I am excited about my relationship with my mother, I am excited about the possibility of travelling, I am excited about creating a new theatrical piece, and I am excited about creating my new non-profit initiative.

How can we stop Human trafficking via social media?

Social media and the tech industry, in fact, will leave a huge footprint on this beast. We see this already with Ashton Kutcher‘s tech based anti trafficking unit Thorn That is just one example. One of the reasons why it is important to be tech savvy in this area is that a large portion of trafficking takes place on the internet. This needs to be counteracted. I believe that it is particularly important to use it in terms of bringing about awareness. We need to let people know that this injustice exists here in America, we need to let people know that children are being raped for profit in our cities, and we need to let people know what to look for in terms of signs/red flags of human trafficking. All of these things can be done effectively via social media. Also, social media has been effective in terms of spreading the word regarding missing children who may be caught up in a human trafficking web. I have seen people repost pics and information….spreading the word. It is necessary. This issue is so overwhelmingly huge, and often people don’t know how to access this fight. Most of us have access to social media. So, I suggest starting there. It’s a simple entry point. For example, members of the beloved community can utilize it to post accurate and effective information about human trafficking on their social media so that those in their sphere of influence can learn more. It is definitely a mighty tool in terms of bringing about awareness. And awareness is usually the first step to action.

Are there enough celebrities and Influencers utilizing social media to bring Human trafficking awareness?

I think that there are not enough, just in general, people utilizing social media to help in the fight against human trafficking. There are definitely some amazing people doing amazing work on the frontline. But, truth be told, they need help. It would be wonderful if more celebrities and influencers would take notice and join this fight on behalf of our children. To use their platform and their voices in a sustainable way to level the tide of Modern Day Slavery. Personally, I cannot think of anything more significant than securing the freedom and well-being of our children. I’m thankful for celebrities such as Jada Pickett Smith who has been a tremendous force in this fight. She has definitely utilized the resource of social media to educate and bring about awareness. I remain hopeful that other celebrities and influencers will follow her blueprint.

Who are your sources of inspiration?

My Mother, Dr. Rosemary S Darden

The youth in my community

Maya Angelou

Josephine Bakhita

Anyone who has tried hard, lost hard, and got back up again

What music do you put on to get up and get things done?

I have specific songs. Here are a few:

All The Above by The Pain by Maino

We Give You Thanks by Sounds of Blackness

Listen by Beyoncé
Get Along by Guy Sebastian
Braveheart by Lupe Fiasco
Harvest For The World by The Isley Brothers
Driving South by Jimi Hendrix
Only If God Says Yes by Yolanda Adams
Quit My Job by The Oakland Mind

Anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

Courage, desperate faith, patience and forgiveness will take you far.

How can people find out more about you?

They can find me at Regina‘s Door on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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