Great entrepreneurial insights by Simeon Quarrie. Owner of VIVIDA. Visual Storyteller, working with video and photography. See our interview with him here.

How to become a leading global visual story teller. A conversation with Simeon Quarrie, VIVIDA founder and Canon Ambassador

Whether you are a creative or not, many of use have the same challenge. Hacking business growth. Many have the dream of building a business and want to avoid getting investors and desire to keep growth organic. Owner of VIVIDA, Simeon Quarrie was asked to explain how he grew his business. How do you grow from 1 person in a lifestyle business into something larger than ourselves.

How do you know when to make the jump? What do you look for in team members?

There are a number of really useful insights that apply to all businesses. Interestingly Simeon was able to build his team partly due his social media presence. Talent came to him. Though it wasn’t all plain sailing.

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