We live in topsy-turvy times where often nothing is as it appears. Almost everything that is presented to us on a daily basis is fake. It has become almost impossible to discern what is real.

Every day we are presented with fake news by politicians telling us outrageous bare faced lies. Much of the day-to-day food we eat is fake. Natural products like olive oil, honey, tea, spices, coffee and fruit juices are often fake.


The clothes many people wear are mostly fake. Even when they are not, the designer labels that are produced in sweatshops in China are not what people expect when handing over their hard earned money, but this is what they get. Designer labels are produced side by side with their fake counterparts and we don’t care.

Can you trust your medication?

But by far the worst offenders are the purveyors of fake medication. Over 1 million people die a year from fake meds. To put that in proper context, fake meds kills as many people each year as do car accidents.

Over 120,000 people a year die in Africa because of fake anti-malarial drugs alone, says the World Health Organization, because the drugs were substandard or contained no active ingredients at all.

What is to be done?

One Irish company has decided enough is enough. CheckItsReal is a blockchain technology company with a social conscience and a good head for business.

$110 billion

CheckItsReal are disrupting the $110 billion fake meds industry and saving lives. They are a socially conscious business with plans to take on the counterfeit meds industry and divert this money back to the industry where it can be used for R&D or more competitive pricing. CheckItsReal and its investors will generate an income/fee from this activity which will insure that it’s a win/win for the industry and their investors as well as being safer for the consumer. The only losers are the counterfeiters.


Charlie Sherlock CEO of CheckItsReal said:

“Being outraged is not enough. Tutting and shaking your head it is not enough. There are plenty opportunities with blockchain technology that can make the world a better place, which also makes great commercial sense. The business paradigm for counterfeit actors is to focus on profit, to hell with the consequences. CheckItsReal is here to stop this.”


Blockchain is a superb platform for socially conscious companies to build solutions, to thrive and to disrupt the counterfeiters. With CheckItsReal, we will prove this. Investors can make money by doing the right thing.

“Help make the world more Real,” reads a statement from CheckItsReal. To get involved with the ICO click here.

How does it work?

CheckItsReal is a blockchain app-based ecosystem that allows suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and users to verify a product as real by scanning a QR code with a phone based app. The app can also be configured to identify that the product has been sold and is no longer available for purchase protecting both the consumer and the supplier. Batches or lots of products can also be tracked as they move through the supply chain and are handed off to packagers and distributors.

Watch how CheckItsReal saves lives:

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