What are chatbots?

The newest marketing tool these days is chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs designed to imitate human conversations. Most of them tend to use a chat interface, but there are plenty of other ways to rendition a chatbot.

Most of the chatbots nowadays are compatible with Facebook, Slack and other big messaging platforms, but they can be designed to work on different platforms as well. The best ones are usually combined with artificial intelligence (AI) so that they can make smart decisions when it comes to responses and transmitting complex informed relationship and connection.

How can businesses use chatbots?

When a business uses a chatbot on social media, it can use it to increase its user engagement. This way people can interact with the brand and build up the relationship and connection. The best bots are also built to remember all the necessary information that a user conveys to them. Then, they can use this information to help others in the future and they can use it to analyze the consumer’s behavior. With this data, the business can develop better marketing strategies. A great example of this is the new T.J. Maxx chatbot that helps shoppers find a great holiday gift. Over the last two years, it has helped more than one million customers!

Why do businesses use chatbots?

Plenty of businesses all over the globe started integrating chatbots into their marketing plans. There are many reasons why a brand may choose to invest in them, as they can bring multiple benefits.

First of all, they are one of the most affordable ways to provide a better customer experience while not taking any valuable time from the employees. They are also user friendly – the consumer has an easy time understanding and using them. And finally, business use them to stand out from their competitors.

Written by Josh Wardini, Community Manager at Webmastersjury

Prepared and edited by Andrew Carroll, Journalism MA in DIT. 

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