Cold Chain Global Forum Recap: Presentations from Dan Weinberger & Noam Eppel from Morpheus.Network.

CEO Dan Weinberger and COO Noam Eppel, co-founders of the platform and thought leaders in the field of supply chain technology, recently presented at the Cold Chain Global Forum in Toronto, Canada. Each spoke on topics related to the forum’s focus on a temperature-controlled life science supply chain.

Morpheus.Network was proud to have both co-founders involved with so many other supply chain thought leaders and innovators who participated at the conference.

Dan, who has a long history in global trade, gave a presentation on, “Artificial Intelligence: How It Will Impact the Industry”, which detailed how AI and other emerging technologies are affecting the supply chain.

Noam Eppel’s presentation, “Managing Cyber Risks in Supply Chains”, leveraged his expertise in the fields of information security and web development in discussing the issues posing the biggest threat to the supply chain.

Dan and Noam were thrilled to have the opportunity to visit their home region of southern Ontario and interact with people working in all areas of the supply chain. The Cold Chain Global Forum was a learning experience for all and both expressed their appreciation for the other speakers.

The Canadian iteration of the Forum was dedicated to solving the challenges that are most pressing to Canadian businesses. A variety of speakers and events provided information and discussion on transportation, regulation, emerging technologies, and other topics relevant to the Cold Chain’s project of a temperature-controlled life science supply chain.

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