Heuristext, an AI and social impact company making the internet easier to read for everyone, everywhere, announced they have been accepted into the Women’s Startup Lab in Silicon Valley. The Women’s Startup Lab is an intensive program including multiple, two-week residential periods and perpetual program access once enrolled.

After submitting a provisional patent this fall, Heuristext’s success is accelerating. Co-founder and CTO Naomi Freeman has her feet firmly planted in Ireland, and makes Heuristext the only Irish company among nine global companies invited to this exclusive accelerator program in the Valley.

“Our AI is introducing cutting edge technology to new spaces. Our technology moves away from old school rote matching and summary to create more realistic natural language processing demanded by the future,” Freeman says.

“The Women’s Startup Lab is going to amplify our ability to bring Heuristext to fruition because it focuses on founders as much as the company,” co-founder and Managing Director Melissa Kargiannakis says. “The WSL will prepare us for and provide us with opportunities to pitch to investors who have an appetite for risk, which makes it more likely that we will get the capital we need to take Heuristext to the next level and beyond.”

Heuristext has had great success securing most of the funding required for the program. Entering their final push for program funding, a crowdfunding page to support Co-founder and CTO Naomi Freeman getting Heuristext from Ireland to the Valley has been set up here.

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