By @SimonCocking. We like Pixabay, and find it a really useful service, so we figured it might be interesting to find out a little more about them. Pixabay Over 500,000 quality photos, vectors, and videos here . All of them are free, even for commercial use!

When were you founded?

Pixabay was founded in November, 2010, though the idea was born about half a year earlier.

What was the inspiration?

At the time, we were working on other projects, and Those are micro-blogging platforms, where free authors can publish their own content and in return they get a share of the revenue. Problem was, many people embedded copyrighted images in their articles, which they found on Google (or other problematic places). That can cause incredibly high fines for copyright infringements!. So, we decided to create a safe and free image source for our authors – and anybody else, if there was a need for something like that. And indeed there was!

How do / will you guys makes revenue from it?

Achieving revenue wasn’t a goal at all for Pixabay, so we never focus(ed) on this aspect. Yet, it kind of works almost on its own: We merely include a coffee button for voluntary donations here and there. Plus, non-contributors get to see one row of Shutterstock sponsored images on top of most search result pages. If somebody buys an image there, we get a certain share of Shutterstock’s revenue. In order to provide a clean interface for our users, we deliberately keep ads and other annoying things on Pixabay to a minimum.

What’s the appeal for people to have their images on your site?

Photographers and all sorts of creatives can present their own work and services to a large audience of potential clients or like-minded people; it’s kind of an ad channel for them. Others just want to share – many out of gratitude for having found lots of useful images for their own projects in the past. Others simply like the friendly atmosphere and they love to get feedback on their work. Some want to learn more about photography – we do give rather a lot of feedback on how to improve skills when we find the time. Some people enjoy earning some money through donations – contributors may enter their own PayPal address, so they get the coffee delivered to their address. But, making money is not and shall never be a driving force on Pixabay.

It’s always a challenge for artists to get paid for their work – how are you helping?

We do have a few very active contributors who actually earn quite a sum merely by regular donations from image users. Yet, if people approach us directly, we try to find a way to help them out – as long as they have visual content that is valuable to others.

When we use an image from your site, we include the url and attribute it to you / pixabay -> what was the thinking behind not making this compulsory?

This goes back to the original problem: some users on Wizzley/Pagewizz included free images that were released under an attribution license, e.g. Creative Commons CC-By. However, most people in the real world have no idea what attribution means … and what happens, if they don’t give proper credits in the specified manner. Well, it’s a copyright infringement again. Plain and simple as that. So, again high fees included. From the start the purpose of Pixabay was to provide an image resource that is as safe as it gets!

What are the benefits are joining / signing up for Pixabay? (Why can’t you sign up via twitter too?)

Most users seem to sign up for access to full resolution images. Without registration, images up to full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 px) may be downloaded directly. In order to prevent mass downloads, we require free registration for these usually large image files. Also, signing up allows you to contribute images (as long as they comply with our quality guidelines) which will remove the Shutterstock images when you browse our site.

For technical reasons we need an email address to register users. Twitter login doesn’t provide this information. That’s actually a very long ongoing discussion on various Twitter dev forums.

tomatoes-1220774_1920 Editors choice, Pixabay

What are some of your favourite images on Pixabay?

We’re amazed almost every day by great new imagery our members are contributing! We include our favorites in the Editor’s Choices area:

What do you have planned for the future?

Making Pixabay a bit more useful day by day is our main goal. We recently introduced free videos as a new medium – and if that proves to be useful to a lot of people, we might implement audio file support as well. We’re also working on mobile apps for iOS and Android. I guess we have more ideas than time to develop them 🙂

Anything else we should have asked you / you’d like to add?

I’d like to say thanks to all the people around the globe who contributed to making Pixabay what it is today. Thanks guys!

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