Heelight is a smart bulb that can actually ‘hear’ the environment and dance to your favourite music!

Heelight is a digital sound controlled bulb that focuses on concise operation experience that doesn’t require the Internet or Bluetooth. This smart bulb understands digital sound commands and several bulbs in a room can be controlled with a single smartphone.

It has the ability to work in 30 different modes, such as the nightlight, candle, music and rock modes, a Christmas mode as well as a reading mode, that can be adjusted from a smartphone according to one’s preference.

Heelight uses a sound chip that is lower in cost as compared to the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and ZigBee chips, thus making it possible for a reduction in overall price.

The bulb can be controlled by using virtual control on the Heelight website or by installing the Heelight Pro app on iOS or Android phones. The apps do not require to be paired and can be used immediately.

According to the company, lighting represents at least 14% of residential electricity use, of which, less than 4% of homes use smart light primarily due to the high prices of the products. With recent advances in technology, consumers now have the choice to turn to energy-efficient smart bulbs that do not cost much and Heelight is hoping to be able to change these numbers in the near future.

The smart bulb works seamlessly when operated using the app. When set to nightlight mode, it features dim lighting that lowers in intensity at a slow rate. It can also smartly recognise movement through the night through a sound emitted by your phone and will brighten your surroundings again.

When used in candle mode, Heelight flickers like one and can even be blown to turn it off! Forget worrying about lit candles on your kid’s birthday cake anymore, Heelight is an efficient re-usable candle that works just as a wax one would, the only thing is, this one’s smart.

It’s incredible ability to act according to sounds also makes it an exciting inclusion to your room if you love listening to music. Using the smart bulb in rhythm mode has it change colour based on the variations in a song’s rhythm, while the intensity of brightness will also vary according to changes in the song’s volume.

Heelight is a product that delivers a satisfying user experience. Without the need for internet or Bluetooth to operate it, this digital sound controlled bulb will allow you to experience a range of lights in the comfort of your home. Just set the mood and the light will change to illuminate your moment.

Heelight is now available on Kickstarter for US$59 for a pack of 3 bulbs! Buy it here.

Here’s a demo of the product:

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