Update 4: Things are not looking good for the Viro phone at the moment. The people behind it have deleted all their social media accounts and their website. We’d love to think this is just part of their strategy to get people talking but I have my doubts. Even if it all turns out to be a hoax, I think with the coverage this phone has received over the last few weeks it shows just how desperate people are for advances in battery tech to extend the life of their myriad of connected devices. More as it unfolds…….

Depending on how you use your phone, charging it may be an all too often occurrence. Up until the point I started carrying an external battery pack with me everywhere, I used to get separation anxiety once I was more than 50 meters from a socket!

Thankfully there is a new Italian startup called Viro who claim to have invented a fully fledged smartphone that will never need to be charged.

Details are light at the moment but we got in contact with the team to find out more. Hoping “to start a global revolution” they aim to create a “perfect smartphone” with high-end hardware and design.

Viro plan to save costs by only selling the phone online only, similar to Nexus devices. We can also confirm that the soon to be released smartphone will run Android as its OS.

As more details emerge before its launch on October 1, we’ll keep you updated. Of course this is still vapourware until we get a device in our hands. We want to believe it, but we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds. Lofty claims will always cause doubt.


Another video has been released this morning which you can see below:

Update 2: 

Over the weekend the team behind Viro released another clip which you can see below. It came with the following text:

VIRO is 8
VIRO is waterproof
VIRO is without flaps

What does the 8 mean for you? Let us know your idea! It’s not as easy as you think.

We can take it that the phone has no flaps over its ports, if indeed it has ports at all. It will probably wirelessly charge but how it handles data transfer remains to be seen.

Update 3:

The guys continue to set the scene for their phone with this video that focuses on Energy:

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