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On November 19th Harvey Nash celebrated the publication of their Technology Survey 2015.

It was a useful and interesting event.

Some key take aways were

+ At 21% of foreign workers, Ireland is below the global average of 30%.

(Switzerland has 59%, but of course we don’t have the United Nations in Dublin.)

+ People want to be part of something special, rather than just working for a particular brand.

+ It is difficult to hire for technical and engineering roles.

+ New ‘technologists’ are in demand, while ‘leaders’ much less so.

+ Companies must keep innovating or they will fail.

Gerard O’Hara of Facebook, Ben Hurley of NDRC, John Holland of Whole World Band and Damien Basselier of Smart & Co. spoke at the event.

They were all interesting, and we hope to bring you follow up interviews with each of them.


John Holland stressed his desire to find MAAD people, who had the key talents of Motivation Attitude, Ability and Decision making. He also suggested, from tough learning experiences to hire slowly and fire quickly. (The next evening his company also won 3 awards at the Eircom Spiders!)

Here is one excerpt from the report.

The results are now in, and there are some really interesting insights, with a shift in innovation priorities towards data/analytics becoming the top innovation priority for technology professionals from Ireland, 71 per cent will focus time and effort on the issue this year, compared to 62 per cent of global peers:

Chart: Top innovation priorities of technology professionals in Ireland vs. global average

Global Av. Ireland Variance
Big Data and Analytics 62% 71% 9%
Cloud Infrastructure 69% 68% -1%
Mobile Technologies 69% 65% -4%
A.I. & Machine Learning 36% 42% 6%
Infrastructure Automation 41% 41% 0%
Cyber Security 46% 39% -7%
Open Source 33% 37% 4%
Social Media Technologies 34% 30% -4%
eHealth 32% 28% -4%
Virtual Reality Technologies 26% 23% -3%
Speech Recognition 23% 20% -3%
Near-Field Communications 20% 18% -2%


Maybe I’m getting old, but the artwork also seemed quite reminiscent of El Lissitsky, 1919

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To get a copy of the report contact the Dublin office via @HarveyNashIrl


Until then here is a link to last year’s one which you can download as a pdf.

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