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It is not always about being first to the party, sometimes it is how you arrive and Qantas are an example of one brand arriving and doing it right. With brands jumping on Snapchat to connect with a younger demographic, Qantas is one of the latest airlines to get into the game.

You see, I have zero interest or respect in people who boast about being there first. They claim they are pioneering a new form of social media communication in their industry and they keep bragging about how they were the first ones there. That means nothing unless you are doing it right and most brands joining Snapchat are doing it all wrong.

Qantas are taking a unique approach from other airlines using Snapchat at the moment, they are handing the keys over to employees and letting them take the lead. There are only a very small number of brands actually taking this approach such as Buffer and Vaynermedia.

Qantas will be sharing content every fortnight (this is the only disappointing aspect – I personally believe that is not frequently enough with how social media moves these days) and will showcase all different aspects of airline life.

They will be showing the side of flying you rarely get to see such as changing an aircraft part, tracing lost baggage, pushing back and aircraft and lots more. All of these is being done through the power of the staff who front the face of the company.

Why is this the best way to do it? Simple really, I don’t care for a snap story from your social media manager. Nor do I care for a snap story from the social media managers assistant. Sure the content changes each day but the perspective remains the same.

With Snapchat you can unlock the doors of every part of your business and give a true behind the scenes look at what goes on by passing responsibility to different members of staff every single day. Let people see the world on Snapchat through your staffs eyes.

That is where the true magic can happen. Giving staff control gives you an authenticity which is off the charts. Quite frankly, very few brands right now are good Snapchat practitioners and that has been okay up to now when the rest of us were not around.

Now the competition is arriving so your mediocre content on Snapchat is going to feel the heat big time. In their first Snapchat session, Qantas photos and videos combined were viewed almost 20,000 times.

You can follow by searching for “Qantas” on Snapchat or by scanning the code below.

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