Demand for Hailo jumped by 25% this morning as rush-hour commuters affected by the rail strike looked for alternative transport options. Hailo had more drivers available to cope with demand, and offered commuters a discount for hailing a taxi during the off-peak period.

Hailo offered a 20% discount to passengers who made their journeys before 7am or after 10am.

Tim Arnold, Hailo’s General Manager in Ireland, said: “Our off-peak hours incentive worked well, hundreds of passengers took our advice and travelled before the rush hour. So, our drivers got more jobs, customers got taxis faster, and demand was spread across the morning. Our systems were well able to cope with the anticipated spike in demand. We were very happy to be able to provide an alternative public transport option to passengers this morning.”

Hailo drivers carry up to 45,000 Hailo passengers nationwide daily. At peak hours, a Hailo hail is accepted every two seconds, with an average wait time of less than four and a half minutes.

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