Hailo is offering its drivers a share in a half a million euro Christmas bonus fund to work more peak-time jobs as the taxi app gears up for the busiest winter ever, it was announced today.

No cap is being set to the maximum bonus a driver can get from the Fund over the next eight weeks.

The taxi company is also seeking more drivers to join its network nationwide and is offering new drivers an additional €200 sign-up bonus for a limited time to join.

From this week, drivers that complete five peak-time jobs per week with Hailo will get paid a bonus for every extra peak-time job they complete after that. Drivers will then be able to build up their Hailo Christmas Bonus over the next five weeks by completing these additional peak-time jobs, with no cap on the bonus drivers can earn. Hailo will pay all drivers the bonus earned on December 22, just ahead of Christmas.

“We want to incentivize and reward our drivers to offer the best service possible to Hailo passengers over the festive period,” Tim Arnold, Hailo General Manager, said. “With demand for taxis this festive period likely to be at record levels, there’s no limit to what drivers can earn over the next five weeks. We expect drivers who participate should be able to build up a bonus of at least €300 over the coming period. And drivers who haven’t worked for Hailo recently, or even drivers who haven’t worked with us before, have a great opportunity to join the Hailo network today and build up a cash bonus just in time for Christmas. Hailo customers are generating 50% more journeys per Hailo driver than this time last year and so it’s the perfect time for drivers to join the Hailo fleet ahead of the winter rush.”

Hailo has already reported Autumn 2016 to be busier than the run-up to Christmas and New Year’s Eve 2015.

“It’s going to be incredibly busy on the roads over the coming weeks so we would encourage our passengers to plan to travel off-peak if at all possible, for instance by maybe getting a drink in before dinner rather than after, to make sure they get their Hailo driver when they need it. We have the biggest taxi fleet in Ireland which means Hailo is always your best for getting a taxi,” Arnold added.

For further information on the Hailo Christmas Bonus, or for drivers to sign up to the Hailo network, go to www.hailo.ie for more details and T&Cs.

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