Hailo have announced that it has now carried over 20 million passengers in Ireland, making it Ireland’s fastest growing transport application.

The phenomenal growth in Hailo has occurred as it has spread across the country since beginning operations four years ago. Last year, Hailo recorded five million journeys, carrying up to 45,000 passengers a day making the app the most popular way to order a taxi in Ireland. One in every four taxis dropping passengers at Dublin Airport is ordered on Hailo.

Hailo has also reaffirmed its support for the National Transport Authority and Department of Transport’s position on ride-sharing. Whilst currently illegal across Ireland, ride-sharing, if permitted, would allow motorists without any form of taxi operating license collect, drive and charge passengers.

Mr Tim Arnold, General Manager of Hailo in Ireland said that the current regulation was fit for purpose and that Hailo exemplified a company with the ability to innovate within the law. “Hailo has grown at a phenomenal rate through a lot of hard work by taxi drivers, the taxi industry and our colleagues. It also shows that it is possible to innovate and grow demand within existing taxi regulations. Ride-sharing, and the substantial lowering of standards that it would entail, amounts to a race to the bottom on quality and price that would jeopardise passenger safety.”

“Carrying over 20 million passengers is a significant milestone and we’re committed to continued growth and innovation without compromising passenger, driver and road user safety with unnecessary revisions to the law.” he said.

At peak hours, a Hailo taxi hail is accepted every two seconds with an average wait time of less than four and a half minutes. The company is operating nationwide with more than 10,000 drivers active on the Hailo network.

Hailo has signed up more than 500 business accounts in Ireland, including Twitter, HSBC, Paddy Power, Morgan McKinley and Core media.

Mr Arnold said that the Civil Service is right to give the new Minister for Transport advice that ride-sharing couldn’t rationally co-exist with the existing system of regulation for taxis, hackneys and limousines.

“Hailo is part of a movement that wants innovation and regulation in Ireland’s taxi industry, and convenience and safety for our passengers. Our drivers go through some of the most stringent background and local knowledge tests in the world. Hailo plays by the regulatory rules, and always operates on the side of the passenger. With this philosophy, we believe we can continue to lead the taxi market in Ireland, and position for further rapid growth across the country,” said Mr Arnold.

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