Guidecentral has recently released a new version of its App. The App now allows users to create DIY projects on iOS, Android and the web. We covered the original version back in early 2013.

Guidecentral allows members to explore, share and monetize craft projects and DIY tutorials with like-minded people from all over the world. Based in Dublin, the service has over 3000 guides shared already with a growing community of 100,000 “crafters”.

As part of the update Guidecentral have launched a new and improved Maker Program. The Guidecentral Maker Program helps crafters earn cash by sharing their DIY projects.
On top of earning $7 each time they post a new project, users will now earn extra cash every time the community engages and likes their projects. The limit to how much money a Maker can earn has now also been removed.

The App is available to download for iOS, Android and as a Kindle App.

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