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In this article dedicated to the art of growth hacking for startups we explore the importance of User Experience (UX) in web and app designing. Growth hacking is the process of experimentation across marketing channels, product development and IT to identify the most effective ways to grow a business.

The UI is a series of buttons and how they look, and the UX is how that button should physically press down when you click it.

In general, always think of UX as an ecosystem that links all the points that make up your product’s experience, in the now, in the future (though that’s some strategy), and in the past.

Let’s explore five myths on UX design and how to hack them:

Do people read on the web?

Answer: web users don’t read, they scan.

Growth hack tip: don’t expect people to read content that is not relevant for them, avoid long text blocks, unnecessary instructions, promotional writing and “smalltalk”. Use HotJar to see how visitors are using your website / app and turn more visitors into customers.

Is Mobile User Attention Deficit Disorder real?

Answer: Yes, but it’s not a mobile-only phenomenon.

Growth hack tip: Google’s users behavior study found that 60% of smartphone usage takes place at home. In comparison, computers are used 69% and tablets 79% of the time at home. Also, mobile is most definitely in-the-bathroom. We spend more time online on our mobile than on desktop. Radio (96% mobile now), photos (96%), maps (90%), instant messaging (90%) are among the many categories to see a huge shift to mobile. Our rational brain is still new and very limited in capacity, what is the growth hack to deal with it? Use the “Anchoring Effect”…. create a private Facebook group to reward your customers, for example, a group exclusively for people who have purchased your product. Use call-to-action posts and graphics. Bundle products together into one cheaper package; Microsoft Office is sold as a bundle of computer software, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Cable companies offer their channels in bundle packages.

Is design is about the look?

Answer: No, design is more about how something works than how it looks. “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

Growth hack tip: remember that your tool set is broader than just colors and font-styles, it also includes user-research, prototyping, usability testing, A/B testing and more. Make use of MixPanel to track user interactions with web and mobile applications.

Is white space a wasted space?

Answer: no.

Growth hack tip: white space plays a very important role in the visual layout and brand positioning! The growth hack to deal with proper use of space is to improve use of paddings and gutters, line-spacing and letter-spacing within text content and space between columns. White space will help you with content readability, increase user engagement, content and brand positioning.
“White space is often as important as the content itself.” – Luke Wroblewski (Google)

Are people are rational?

Answer: no, our decisions are driven more by our emotions than logical and conscious thinking.

Growth hack tip: go beyond usability, learn about human decision making to create products that influence human behavior. Use BuzzSumo to find relevant information for your business (keyword based search and domain based search), make a note of influencers who you can reach out to and define directions on what content themes perform best for your customers / website visitors.

Remember, when working on a web or mobile project a UX designer is the creative director.
Projects without a UX designer often turn out like what Google Video used to be: a YouTube clone with no emotion.

Web 2.0 seemed to be all about logos,and social interaction online but the future of the web is much more important and critical. In a few years the web will demand nothing but maturity from all products and sites that live on it, this will cut out the sub-par sites or products very fast.

You will pick your company’s intranet, your to-do list, your form creator, and whatever other tools you need based on the feelings they give you and thereby also the functionality therein.
As the maturity of the web increases, and thereby the robust maturity of product design increases, so to does the maturity of product functionality increase. Ultimately the people that create things that are so unbelievably mature looking will be the content creators that attract worldwide customers. This isn’t just about images or design and CSS, it is also about copywriting, and copyright will translate into ‘usage-right’.

A good UX can literally create an entire emotion around your product.

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