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The Facebook similar pages suggestion algorithm is quiet a powerful tool if used beyond the regular similar suggestions feature after you click “Like” on a page you like or on the page of one of your competitors. Instead of waiting for Facebook’s similar suggestions to kick in, you can use a nice URL workflow to improve the process.

For any Facebook page you want to learn the ID of, just add the graph sub-domain to the start of the URL.

Let’s use my own Facebook Page

So becomes check the screenshots for details:


now go to and copy and paste your Facebook Page URL:


then click enter:


add it to the end of this URL:

in my case we will have:

and this is the result:


this is a great way to find more pages.

From one page you may find two or three interesting alternatives. Then you do the same trick for those two or three pages and on it goes. You really can just keep going on and on and on, putting new pages into the URL, and finding more opportunities and potential interests for future advertising.

Head over to a page you’re an Admin of and click on “Insights” on the top navigation bar you’ll learn more about your own audience and the reach of specific posts.

What Facebook also allows you to do in this section is watch other brands to see how they’re performing in terms of not only growth but also their top posts for the week.

All you need to do is add a few pages to watch, first. Then, Facebook will show you other pages they recommend you watch based on the audience of your own page.

We need 5 pages: for this example, we will compare my page to Derek Sivers (CDbaby CEO), Tim Ferriss (author of the must-read-book “Tools of Titans”), Richard Branson, Daniel Ek (CEO of Spotify) and Hans-Holger Albrecht (CEO of Deezer). Did not put in pages of Alexander Ljung (CEO & Founder at SoundCloud) or Jody Gerson (CEO of Universal Music Publishing Group) since their pages have less then 100 followers.

This is the result:

I have found some great pages to follow or interests to advertise to when researching with this method. What you probably already know is that Facebook allows pages to Like other pages and those likes are then shown quite prominently on their page.

If I click on Richard Branson I can access his recent posts:

gather as much insights as possible from your “competitors” and then go to

Sign for free trial account and authorize SocialBakers to access your FB profile.

SocialBakers will create a full report and email it to you later on. Then go to and login with your Facebook credentials (after you confirmed your email address):




The Social Bakers analytics can delve into categories by country. If you run a page for a specific country you don’t know too much about, this tool will show you results from the page to use in advertising campaigns and get very cheap clicks for.

There are loads of other workarounds to improve your audience engagement and properly combine tools like MixPanel with Facebook Ads and Facebook Analytics. More Facebook magic on the next articles!

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