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Interesting interview with Christoper Isak @ChristopherIsak the founder of @TechAcuteCom , also a VC and Blogger -with 10 Years of Helping Enterprises with Communication and Collaboration Technology. Occasionally Geeking out . 

The 1 min pitch, what do you do?

With only one minute time I would try to focus on the unique value proposition. For example if an organization had interest to be featured on TechAcute, I would advise them of who we are, what we do, share our story and vision along with talking about our user base and what they do.

TechAcuteCom – how was last 12 months, what worked well?

The last 12 months were very exciting as we are not much older than a year to be honest. As our primary activity is to spot news and trends to wrap the information into reader friendly articles, working well with authors and journalists from all over the world is really key. This is what really worked well for us and how we could make a lot of friends as well – and friends are what makes things fun, right?

Anything you’d do differently?

It’s not exactly the case that I would do anything differently from a direction point of view. It is more on the experiences that were made that helped us improve over time. If we were to start over it wouldn’t look different but we’d get there a whole lot faster.

Plans for the future?

Of course we are trying to provide our readers with the latest and freshest content and news. We also want to prepare more educational content next to the news flashes. After all free information and learning was one of the first Internet philosophies.

What future trends are you excited about?

We are definitely excited about the Internet of Things (IoT) and about the development of Smart Cities. Capturing data in a meaningful and responsible way, transforming the data into purposeful information so it can aid improving the city – that will be add to a major improvement in the life of the citizen.

You cover a lot of topics on TechAcute, which ones get the most interest?

Of course with all the IoT comes responsibility. That is why we get a lot of feedback around subjects such as cyber security or information security. Also all types of tech gadget startups and their products are strongly celebrated. We can also identify an increase of relevance of the video gaming industry. It is great what is going on these days in one of the most technologically advanced segments of entertainment and consumer tech.

Has this changed over time?

Yes, all these subjects are growing their relevance strongly. I can’t say if we are the peak of it but I think they will still be very relevant for a while to come.

Your photographs are great, what camera are you using?

Why thank you. That’s very nice of you.  I am using a Canon EOS 600D SLR digital photo camera with several lenses.

What are the pros and cons of this?

It is a fantastic camera out of the camera segment that utilizes mirror technology. If you have experience and know what you do, you can use manual settings but if you are a first-timer you can hit the automatic and get very nice photos. The only cons I could think of is that the camera is more bulky than compact cameras, but that is hardly a comparison as it’s a different product type. Also these cameras don’t come very cheap so this is not what you need for taking it with you for just a single vacation. This is equipment you take with you on a dedicated photographing session. This is not the right camera to put in your purse or backpack for everyday snapshots. For that purpose there are better compact cameras around that also take great shots.

You have a great following in twitter, what aspects of twitter do you enjoy?

I appreciate each follower I have on Twitter. I used it for a couple of years now and I feel that the fact that I can interact with just about any user is what I like most. I don’t need to be connected in a full duplex kind of agreement to follow each other in order to be able to talk with others. It’s great for making new friends and you can use it more and more also for professional uses.

Has it helped helped you to grow your business? If yes, in what ways?

Well as a media platform you cannot deny that social networks are a primary source of readers. It’s also a great organic measure on how content was perceived by the crowd.

Online / offline, work / life balance, what are your strategies for managing this, now that we can be connected so much of the time?

I found it to be useful to mix activities. It’s fine to do a little something of personal nature during your professional time as long as you compensate that time back, the other way around. So I think it is the path in the middle, to accept the mixed mindsets, that allow for a good work/life balance.

Thanks a million, anything else you’d like to add / we should have asked you?

Thanks so much for having me and I really appreciate it. I strongly recommend everyone who reads this post to return regularly here to get the latest updates. Great work, guys!

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