In the past 40 days RewardMob has added over 65,000 registered users to the platform and given away over 3.5 Million RMOB tokens to users playing mobile games. We have also partnered with 5 top mobile game developers that have combined for over 150 million installs across hundreds of games. In the next 12 months RewardMob is poised to grow to 10s of millions of users. To put that into perspective the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency, Ethereum has just under 29 million registered wallet addresses. RewardMob’s partnerships with current game developers alone has the power to scale far past Ethereum.

Mobile games transcend global culture. Everyone from kids to grandparents have the ability to entertain themselves due to the worldwide expansion of smart phones. Every smartphone on the planet has the ability to install mobile games. That means that every person on the planet with a smart phone could earn RMOB tokens playing mobile games. RewardMob has the power to deliver cryptocurrency to every part of the world through mobile games.

People that play mobile games already understand in-game currencies. It is common in most games to have coins or gems as the in game currency. The mobile gaming economy is already very well established. By giving players the ability to earn cryptocurrency through mobile games unlocks an entirely new way to earn and spend cryptocurrency.

The unique advantage that RewardMob has is in their user acquisition strategy, is that every time RewardMob partners with a new game, they ask those users if they would like to become a RewardMob member. When each new user creates an account they also create a blockchain wallet inside the RewardMob app. This allows RewardMob to scale very quickly and onboard millions of new users with each game that comes onto the platform. We believe that the RMOB token will be the first encounter with cryptocurrency that most players will come into contact with and they won’t even realize it. We have designed the wallet and entire experience to be extremely friendly and easy to use.

In order to power an economy of this size the network will need to be fast and secure, that is why RewardMob has also chosen to build their platform on the Waves Blockchain. The Waves blockchain uses proof of stake consensus mechanism, which uses far less energy and is substantially faster than Ethereum and Bitcoin which use proof of work. The Waves platform also has a perfect security record and has been audited by an independent security expert.

RewardMob has already added 7 gaming titles to the platform and has 9 more that will be added in the next 30 days.

On March 13th RewardMob is hosting a ticket sale in conjunction with the launch of the pay-to-play platform where users of the platform will be able to purchase tournament entry tickets with bonus RMOB cryptocurrency tokens. Members who make purchases in the first 3 days of the sale will receive a 30% bonus.

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